Counting coins

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Pennies, nickels, and dimes oh my!  Oh and quarters, don't forget about those big ones.  I love teaching money, years ago it was a first grade standard and I had so much fun with it.  

First let's start with some great intro videos that I love using and keep my kids engaged.  
Here's a list of good ones you can try in your room.

I love these videos for lessons, this #1 guy is the best!

Fun, catchy songs are helpful too for recognition and remembering worth.

Hairy money has been around for a while and it's not my idea but if your group of kids needs a new approach this can certainly help you out.  Each strand that stands up counts as 5 - so a quarter would have 5 hair strands and it would equal 25 as they point to each hair and count by 5's.  The dime has 2 hairs to represent 2 groups of 5, the nickel gets one hair and the penny gets a dot or freckle.  This shows that you have to count by 1's for him. Most of your students can count by 5's so it's a great approach if they are struggling with the concept of money.

Hairy money is another way your students might learn - it's kind of like the touch point idea in math.  It's just another strategy that can be taught along with skip counting and finding the biggest coin to start with when counting several.

My students LOVE my coin tin center that helps them practice counting out piles of money.  This reinforces looking for the largest amount or worth first also which is super important.
I actually made this center before the Pinterest days guys.  Yep, back in 2007.  My students loved it, I bought the Altoid tins on line on ebay and decorated them and then grabbed some magnetic coins from lakeshore but you can probably buy them on Amazon now, I mean you can buy anything on Amazon - hello - 2 day shipping and thank you amazon prime.  

Here's how they look, you can use them for a math block/centers.  The kids take a coin card place it at the top of the altoid tin and then create that amount in the bottom of the tin with the magnetic coins.  It's easy to check as I walk around or you can encourage peer checking as well.  The coins stick perfectly to the altoid tins so it's fun to use and easy to keep all together.

tips for teaching money and coins

Won't fall out ~ they put the money on the bottom and the amount slips on the top ( lid ).

tips for teaching money and coins

tips for teaching money and coins

Hope you gained some new ideas that you can use right away for teaching money with your students.  As always ~ Happy teaching my friends~

Classroom Transformation low key style

Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Classroom transformations are #alltherage right now.  I get it...I added a stage in my classroom because times have changed since I started this career 25 years ago.  
Today we have the competition of all the lights, action and quick responses from video games and it's become so hard to keep kids attention for more than like 5 seconds.
My teaching has HAD to change over the years due to all the technology.  For real...I'm not kidding.  
Kids are use to quick responses, no wait time, constant action, etc.  If all I did was talk at my students or even add in a small group activity I would lose them for sure.  
The stage has added a dynamic that keeps their attention as well as the smart board.  Now with pinterest and instagram classroom transformations are literally taking #centerstage.  


I feel badly for the newer teachers just entering the field because of all the pressure that surrounds them constantly...OR even the new moms that are tired and just getting through the day after not sleeping all night.  It's hard enough to live life and do #allthethings without adding in the pressure of classroom transformations, instagram accounts, etc.

So, I have a solution to hopefully help a sista or brother out a bit.  

ONE...stop comparing yourself and DON'T get sucked into the pressures of social media/pinterest etc.  
But, also you can still take the IDEA of a classroom transformation and do it on a very LOW KEY level and I promise it will still be effective!!!
For instance, I could've spent an hour decorating my classroom with CODE BLUE signs, lots of medical masks and gloves, first aid signs etc.  BUT I DIDN'T.  
Y'all I may have kids that are much older - college and junior in high school that don't need me as much BUT  I still have a life outside of school.  There's so much more to me than being a teacher FOR SURE!  I'm a believer, a mama, a swimmer, a wife, a creator, etc.  So ain't no body got time to #liveatschool .

Anywho this is what I did and it still KEPT THEIR ATTENTION, KEPT THEM ENGAGED and was highly EFFECTIVE.
When the kids walked in I had a heart rate monitor going from you tube on my smart board.  Immediately as they were getting their homework out they knew something was up.  I piqued their interest and they were curious.  Then I put on my mask and gloves...NO I DIDN'T have these supplies for every student, and that's okay!

AGAIN - being realistic about spending money that was unnecessary and mindful of my time.  I still created a highly engaging lesson that they will remember but I didn't have to spend a ton of time and money on a full on transformation.
It can be done.  Don't be sucked in to all the pinterest ideas that are truly #overthetop.  Do what YOU can DO and don't feel one bit guilty about it either.  YOU ARE ENOUGH, you are DOING ENOUGH and your STUDENTS LOVE YOU AS YOU ARE.

...and there you have it.  This lesson I can promise you they will remember, I spent hardly anytime prepping it and the materials I got from the school nurse. 
 Other ideas:  check out the dollar store if you want to add some props to your teaching.  
But again ~ the real message here is stop killing yourself to replicate something on pinterest that either:  the teacher that prepped it - has no kids at home, or has kids in college or has a stay at home husband or other things like that you know nothing what you can but keep the important things first.  
YOUR FAMILY, YOUR SANITY and BALANCE.  If you are able to do this and want to - more power to you!!!  But, if you feel pressured to do this and don't have the money or time - STOP stressing!  You can do a LOW KEY version or don't even bother.  Just show a power point, do a kahoot on it and call it a day.  Your students will survive I promise!
Hope this #keepingitreal talk has helped a bit.  You are enough, you are amazing and keep doing what you are doing!
As always, happy teaching my friends!

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Love notes to your students

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Hi teacher friends!!!  Happy Wait for it Wednesday, I'm so excited to share with you one way that I love on my students in a BIG way!
It's cheap/free, easy and meaningful... what more can you ask for anyway right?!?!  

I think it is so important to continue to build on the relationships you have in your classroom all year long.  They long for that with you as well.  
I leave little notes on their desks periodically to show them how much I care and I wish I could post a video of their responses.  It's like Christmas morning guys and I'm not even kidding.  They LOVE these notes.  I try to do them seasonally but one of the most important things is these notes are personalized just to suit them and why I appreciate them.  
Here are some examples of notes I've done:

building classroom community

building classroom community

I always write my students a note on the first day of school AND the first Friday of that week as well.  It starts the year off on the right foot and lets them know how much you care. 

love notes to your students

building classroom community

These are my most recent ones that I did this week - if you are interested in doing this as well you can get these here

building classroom community

I hope you can use these to build classroom community and show your students how much you care.  I always say:  They will always remember how you made them feel. 
Anywho, go out there and love on your students!  Happy { almost Christmas break} my teacher friends.

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Number line fun

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

There are so many fun ways to use the number line in the classroom!  BUT first.... make the number line FUN...then do the FUN things with it.  Check out my newest product....number line manipulatives.  My students are LOVING these!

number line ideas

You can grab these number lines { here } , 
number line ideas
they come with instructions on how to make them AND you've got to pick up the fun animal beads instead of the normal go to circular beads.  I promise it will make this task even MORE engaging!  If you want to watch a video where I explain these in more detail head on over to my instagram stories.  I found my animal beads at Michaels.

NOW that you have the fun number lines you are ready to make your math practice, review and lessons more engaging and memorable for your students!  Play games with the number lines, ask questions and have them hold up their number lines with the bead on the correct answer.  Have them work in pairs and ask one another addition/subtraction questions.  The possibilities are endless.  
For instance, they can ask their partner questions like:  Move your bead and show 4 more than 8.  What is 5 less than 16?  It would even work perfectly if you just have a few minutes before snack and need some 'filler' time.  
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As always...
happy teaching!

Bowling Ball Snowman Game and Tutorial

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Are you looking for more holiday ideas, Christmas games for parties or even cute decor?
This idea will be perfect to use in your classroom before you go off for break.  I bought these plastic bowling pins and balls at Target one summer...keep your eyes out next spring/summer.
Honestly, I've had them in my garage for probably a couple of years.  I have finally decided what to do with them... they started out like this:
Christmas party game idea
I had a vision of turning all of these into snowmen, I knew I would need the following to make it work:
* hot glue gun/ glue sticks
* scissors
* pipe cleaner
* twine
* pom poms
* material
* sharpie

So I got right to work, first I worked on the cute earmuffs.  I just pre cut twine to use as the connecting part and glued the pom poms on either side of the top of each pin.  

snowmen bowling pins
Next, I added the scarf, on some of them I used thick, bushy pipe cleaner and on some I used fabric and cut the ends like you see below to add detail.

Christmas games

Christmas party game ideas

Christmas party games
Is this the cutest!!?!?!  
Set it up and you're all set...have fun!!

snowman bowling set for parties

Teaching Expanded Form

Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Expanded form can be a bit tricky for the little guys - we worked on it this week and thanks to one of my teaching friends I have a fun saying that will stick with them.  


I have always talked about how expanded form is stretchy like a snake but she has a memorable saying that I liked even better.  She says that she always teaches it with a rubber band.  

teaching expanded form

So like you see above I wrote these numbers on my board and held up a rubber band just like shown.  I stretched it out to show them how you can expand numbers like this.  


Maybe you are familiar with this idea - If you have used the squishy toys ( snakes ) to stretch sounds/ words for phonics it's a similar idea.  I've used this in reading groups for years.

teaching expanded form

I think the saying expand like a rubber band has a better ring to it than showing the stretchy snake personally.  So, I will be using this idea from my friend from now smart.  #lovecollaborating

Try it out, don't forget to follow me here every Wednesday for my Wait for it Wednesday blog posts or on Instagram for my Sunday Night Snippets every Sunday night where I share tips and tricks you can use right away in your classroom.
Happy teaching my friends!

Halloween Rhyming

Monday, October 29, 2018

Who doesn't love a good play on words!??!  This pack is one of my favorites!!!!  It's focus is completely on rhyming words/word families and it's called...
wait for it.... Franken Rhyme!!!  It's the perfect time of year to pull it out and my students had a blast with it today!!

Halloween rhyming

During reading groups we worked on word families/rhyming.  I filled this adorable Target Dollar Spot bucket with word family cards and had larger cards for the sorting.  My students pulled the cards out, read them, decided where they would go for the sort and either read another word that rhymed with it or came up with another word that would rhyme with it.  They had a blast!!!!

Halloween rhyming
She was so excited she closed her eyes to choose her cards!

Halloween rhyming

Halloween rhyming

Halloween rhyming

Halloween rhyming

Halloween rhyming
These are more fun activities you can find in this pack!

Their smiles say it can grab it here!

Halloween rhyming

If you are just wanting to reinforce word families and rhyming words in October this is perfect  OR if you are looking for more fun center activities with a bit of an academic focus for a Halloween party this is PERFECT!!!  
Thought I would just leave you with this....

halloween teacher meme

 take care my friends!!!