Making your children feel special...

Monday, February 20, 2012
     I think it's so important as a mom to make your children feel special and help build their self esteem. My mom was always very good at that, and I'm thankful. This is something I did for my daughter when she made the volleyball team at her middle school. 
       My mom did the same thing for me as a kid and I still have the long poster(s). She was so surprised when she walked into her room and it was something she will always remember. 

 Also make a family fun can -- have your children brainstorm things they can do --- they can be free or cost money. ( I like the free ideas :o) ) 
      For instance today we are walking around the lake in our city with our dog. It's a beautiful day and it will get us out of the house spending time together on our day off. Enjoy the time you have with your kiddos, trust me they grow up WAY too fast! 

making your child feel special
I made this and hung it in my daughter's room after she made her middle school volleyball team.

making your child feel special

family tradition ideas
List ideas on these printed cards for family outings or memories, then pull from them and do them together to make even more memories.

Building family memories is so important!  Even celebrating the little things they do makes kids feel extra special.  How do you celebrate in your family?


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  2. That is an awesome idea. I will do that for my son when he decides on a law school.

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  12. Loving this post!! And I'm loving that you have a middle school daughter and are going through things and teach me things I haven't experienced with my girls yet. My oldest is 9 and tweening big time. I feel so inexperienced as a mom with her (the 3 year old is easy--BTDT) Here is my mom blog I'm a mom too!