My monthly pinterest projects and a ** FREEBIE **

Thursday, March 29, 2012
Each month I try do at least 2 pinterest inspired crafty projects -- I never showed the Feb. ones and the March ones I used for my son's lego party which you can see my post below.  Here are the Februrary ones...

I'm sure many of you have seen this cute idea hang wreaths with ribbon on kitchen cabinets with upside down command hook on the inside like this:

and this project which I LOVE - I gave this to my hubby for Valentine's Day -- although it was more for me... LOL - if you haven't seen it - you put pictures of a map on where you met, got married and live and the last picture I put our family.  Some people add an engaged map instead of the family picture.

and lastly I made this for fun star garland  - never seen on pinterest just something I made before Christmas.  I used brown paper bags with a star template I drew and pretty script and swirl scrapbook paper layered on top.  I added a few embellishments and some twine.

Lastly a spring FREEBIE -- can you tell I'm on Spring Break. :o)
Click on bunny picture above to go directly to freebie at my TPT.


New items posted..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I just posted some new items to my TPT store.../qu/ stick together like glue...
or peanut butter and jelly.  It has the cutest clip art from Scrappin Doodles.  I love it and I hope you will too.  Also a cvc ice cream unit.  Click on my TPT store button to the right to see it.


My sweet son turns 10 == LEGO PARTY!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

lego party ideas, lots of fun ideas and easy to make projects

So Josh turned 10 today and it's the first day of SPRING BREAK -- how lucky am I ?!?!  We have 2 weeks off and I threw my son a lego party today.  Here are the highlights.
First the night before birthdays in our house we sleep on a birthday pillowcase made by our beloved Aunt Andrea.

birthday fun ideas for kids

Decorate your child's door on their birthday for a fun surprise when they wake up.

Next the pinterest inspired streamer paper across the doorway - his sister busted through it on her birthday but he wanted to crawl through it and keep it entact.

Invites...a lego brick
lego party invites, make them look just like a lego block

Lego mini cakes, the kids loved this!

Lego Cakes - my wonderful mom in law made these for us...:o)

Lots of fun lego decorations
The favor table -- I made lego heads from yellow to go boxes -- I just google imaged lego faces and drew them on my own.  The kids loved them.  They were filled with their favors.

Josh and nana with the cakes.

Table decorations 

Lego game for the party goers to play
A pinterest inspired lego game - the kids LOVED this game..I just tweaked it a little bit.

Lego party favor boxes, just picked them up at Michael's and decorated them with a sharpie

Lego man banner

Made this cute banner with my cricut machine. 
Guess how many legos in the mason jar for a prize...notice the candy legos too -- they were perfect for this party.

I also made this banner with my cricut - rectangles with little circles on top with the glue dots for a 3D effect.  I used twine instead of ribbon to make it more boyish.

I found these cute 10 tags and idea on the web searching around I will look up link and add it. 

At the end of the game they have to measure to see who built the tallest they are comparing them.

I made this lego guy for a pin the head on the lego man but changed it up because I realized it was too young for this age.  I still blindfolded them but gave them a nerf gun.  They had to shoot the nerf gun closest to the lego guys head after being spun around 4 times.  They really enjoyed this version of it.

Create a silverware holder by building a lego box.  You can also roll up napkins and place them in there too.

My hubby made the silverware holder out of legos... :o)
I saved several boxes - mostly capri sun ones , covered them with bulletin board paper ( you could also use table cloth paper ) and added circles cut from my cricut.  Then used them all over the house as decorations.  I added different size boxes and colors to make it more fun.

Sorry for so many pictures but it was such a fun day I got over excited. :o)  Hope I was able to give some of you mom's ideas for a lego party. 

Winner and cute family idea

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Also I still HAVEN'T found my camera card :o(  but... re took these pictures to show something fun I did for my kiddos when they woke up on St. Patrick's Day.  Hang shamrocks from their doorway to their room with sweet sayings on it.  You are my pot of shine, etc.  It was fun and they enjoyed it when they woke up and saw them.  Just wish you could see all the other fun things we did.  If I ever find the card I will post them someday.  Spring Break is 2 weeks and it is 2 days away --- HOORAY!!

Josh 're enacting' his st. patrick day morning.. LOL

Here is what I wrote on them:  You shine, we are lucky to have you as a daughter/son, you are our pot of gold, you are our treasure, you make us smile
Just a fun thing for you to do for your kiddos that they will always remember...                             

TPT - first item listed --- ** so excited ** Free giveaway too

Monday, March 19, 2012
Well it's baby steps but that's okay right?!?  I have offically listed my first item.  It is a fun math center I have been using for years.  I would love for you to check it out ( at least the thumbnails if nothing else ) and tell me what you think.  I know I still have a lot to learn but hey - I'm having fun in the process.  I will give 2 away for free :  just leave a comment that you are following me, my fb page and my TPT store.  It's a short giveaway... ending this Wednesday. :o)  Thanks again for all your support over the last month bloggy friends.

Here's a direct link to my new product.


* first product at TPT * a FREEBIE - YAY

Sunday, March 18, 2012
My first product at TPT has been's not cutesy ( is that even a word ) but I will get there I promise.  Baby steps right?!?  How fun is this...come check it out.  It is a phonics page /oo/ skill.  Tell me what you think.  Here's the link - it's FREE of course while I get my feet wet. :o)

and BTW - I still haven't found my camera card. :o(


Oh NO!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012
I was suppose to post pics from our fun family St. Patrick's Day but...I LOST my camera card and it has like 800 pictures on it!!!!  Including school year pics for my students end of the year memory books.  It has to be in my house so I'm hoping praying I will find it.  On another note...
My friend Lyndsey from  ---

is having a fantastic Scout Bag Giveaway ( oh my's sooo cute! ) so be sure to check it ends tomorrow.

Also another fab giveaway - check out below:  


St. Paddy's Day in the classroom and Jog - a - Thon

Friday, March 16, 2012
Our school seems to always have jog a thon on St. Patrick's Day which is kinda cute...we all wear green and are super spirited!  The P.T.A. always has a Teacher Dash and this year.... I WON!!!  Last year I was training for a 1/2 marathon so I thought maybe I could win...but they tricked us and made us take our shoes off and find them in a big pile right after we started the dash...LOL that was funny!  This year we had an obstacle course...when I saw the hula hoops and jump ropes I thought maybe  I had a chance.  I love doing stuff like that in my workout DVD's.  Anyway it was very fun and my 4th grade son was beside himself that his mama won. :o)  Here are some fun photos from it.

Here I am with Josh - he's so proud!

our teachers after the dash with Coyote Jack of course. :o)

crossing the finish line!

Now for some classroom fun....
The leprechaun came and really messed things rocking chair was turned over, our big books were all over the floor, there were little green footprints...AND we CAUGHT him right above table 6--- LOL

All over the reading goodness!

How did he get up on our T.V. ?

There he is and he doesn't look happy... 

Here's a close up of making their name irish :o)

Aren't my kiddos cute as leprechauns? It' hard to tell from the photo...but I add O' or Mac or Mc to their last name to make it 
Irish...for instance  Samantha O'Harris.  They got a kick out of it.  
Tomorrow I will be posting pics from my sweet family's St. Paddy's Day celebration. :o)


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So there you have it congrats to Judy from Teaching Little Apples -- hooray for you!!  We will get these out to you soon and be in touch. :o)   Thank you to all our followers and all your support :o) CONGRATS!!!

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