Winner and cute family idea

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Also I still HAVEN'T found my camera card :o(  but... re took these pictures to show something fun I did for my kiddos when they woke up on St. Patrick's Day.  Hang shamrocks from their doorway to their room with sweet sayings on it.  You are my pot of shine, etc.  It was fun and they enjoyed it when they woke up and saw them.  Just wish you could see all the other fun things we did.  If I ever find the card I will post them someday.  Spring Break is 2 weeks and it is 2 days away --- HOORAY!!

Josh 're enacting' his st. patrick day morning.. LOL

Here is what I wrote on them:  You shine, we are lucky to have you as a daughter/son, you are our pot of gold, you are our treasure, you make us smile
Just a fun thing for you to do for your kiddos that they will always remember...                             


  1. that is really cute. I bet they felt very special and loved.


  2. I love all of your family ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :-)

  3. Yay I won!

    This is my 3rd that I have won in the last 2 weeks.

    thanks for hosting this giveaway

    Ms. Patterson

    Pocket Full of Kinders

  4. Thank you for the email! I look forward to getting the email!

  5. Love this idea and love your blog! So enjoy finding others who teach in California as well. :) Sending sunny thoughts your way...hope wherever you are in CA has been as beautiful as it was here in Oakland today!

  6. I love how you incorporate family fun ideas with your teaching blog. =) Keep the ideas coming please...I need them!

  7. How precious are you!? This reminds me of something my Mom would do (and my twin brother and I are 21!) Your children are so blessed!

  8. Hi Vicky!
    Thank you for coming to visit my blog! LOVE yours too! Looking forward to sharing more ideas!

    Your shamrocks are adorable. My favorite holiday!


  9. Hi there! Thank you so much for following the Enchanted Ladybug! Love your St. Patrick's Day ideas!! The leprechauns left a GIANT mess in our home this year, my kiddos really enjoyed it! I look forward to browsing through your blog, you have some great ideas!
    The Enchanted Ladybug

  10. What a sweet memory they will always cherish!

    Heather's Heart

  11. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Sounds like you teach where your son goes to boys attend the same school I teach at as well. Love that! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

  12. We love your blog and would like to give you the Lovely Blog Award. Please come by our blog to pick it up!

  13. you are so stinkin cute! love the blog!