Greater Than Less Than Center

Saturday, April 21, 2012
Hi everyone!  I feel like I've been out of the loop for some reason :o(  Anyway I just made a fun greater than less than activity pack/center and my kiddos love it.  I know the alligator is super cute and has been used for years but I was trying to figure out how I could use donuts for the center...anyway I made little donut munchers and they kids have to put the correct sign in the donut hole.  They had a great time!  I love to put a twist on things when I can.  I am gearing up for Open House and our annual field trip to the Wild Animal Park then SUMMER!!!  I'm so excited for summer this year --- I was just saying to some friends how some years we EARN our paychecks more than other years.....well this year I have definitely earned mine. 
We are going from 23 students in a class though  to 30 yes I said 30 next year.  I had 32 in 1995 but that was a LONG time ago and I had an aide until noon.  It was my first year in first in a rough neighborhood and it was a bilingual classroom.  I was hired late in the get the picture.  Things are very different where I am now I teach where I live in a great area but still 30 first graders in my small classroom without WITHOUT an aide -- YIKES!!!  Thank goodness for parent helpers and a job.  Our district gave out 100 pink slips so I want to be thankful and appreciative that I have a job when I know others don't.  We are losing a lot of really great teachers. 
Not sure how I ended up on this soapbox but I hope you like the pictures of my donut center.  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
Here they can either use the donut muncher on the end of the tongue depressor or I wrote some signs on the plates too...

Here is the link if you are interested in the center.


  1. I started with 27 first graders this year. That was certainly enough. I'm not sure where I would put 3 more.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

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  3. Thanks for sharing! These look adorable!


  4. This looks cute!

    WOW...30 kiddos! I know you are blessed to still have a job. =)

    Heather's Heart

  5. Simply love your site and ideas. Can't wait to really explore it this summer :) I'm your newest follower.

  6. Great idea! The kids get so sick of the same 'ol thing!

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  8. I love the <,>, activity! Also, thank you for following my blog, Inside The Classroom! I am now your newest follower! Great blog!

  9. I started out with 32 kindergartners (never gone below 28), with several move-in/outs and returning students. Low social economic area, many behavior problems,no class leaders, 2 who wear diapers/pull ups with medical issues. My principal will NOT allow parent helpers. I've had two slow moving assistants (scream at the students)who refuse to get up out of their seats, even after I tell kids to raise hands and remain seated and an adult will come to you. They talk to one another, in and out of the room (bathroom, drinks, extended lunch times), not listening to my directions so when the children ask for help they either say they don't know what I want them to do or they make up their own. During testing they will talk to one or two children (out loud while I'm trying to give the group test). My children will ask them something even after I've specifically given a command or reprimand. The class is out of control with too many 'inconsistent situations.' The room is over crowded, no modern technology (such as smart board, IPads etc,,)limited supplies. My principal hasn't given me any support. Counting down til the last day of school and praying that next year will be much better.

  10. Greater than, less than center looks awesome! I've added myself to your followers!! Found your blog on TpT. :-) Swing on over to say hi and/or grab some freebies yourself. Michelle

  11. Awesome activity! Wow....30 first graders! Bless your heart! Hugs to you!

  12. Yikes! 30 1st graders! More power to you!

  13. Super! I love it! I'm sure they had a blast!!! =)

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