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Thursday, April 5, 2012
Nursing Box

My sweet children are growing up way too fast...I'm thankful that the Lord gave me the opportunity to spend so much time with them.  I job shared only 2 days a week when they were young and have worked at their school throughout their elementary ages. 
 My daughter just moved on to middle school - - sniff, sniff.  But my son is still with me at elementary.  
Anyway I have a tip for younger mom's with a baby and a toddler.  When my son arrived I created a nursing box and whenever I was feeding him I would pull it down off the shelf and let her play with those special toys only when I was feeding him.  When he was all done the nursing box went right back up in the nursery closet.  She would get so excited and say, " Is it time to feed Josh yet?"  It really helped so she was busy and felt special during that time.  
I don't still have the box I decorated for her ( it's been 10 years ) but here is an could use a cute Easter basket, decorate a tub with cricut letters, etc.  This is actually a babysitting basket my daughter made in girl scouts for when she babysits -- I just wanted to give you an example. :o)

tips for new moms, nursing box idea
I remember her favorite thing in the box was a Clifford magnetic book where you could move the magnets of Clifford and his friends around on the different pages, there was also coloring, crayons and stuffed animals.  You pick special things you know your child would enjoy.  You really have to be clear though that it only comes out when you are feeding the baby so there are no behavior issues.  Luckily I never had any behavior problems, she understood that it was only for that time - she was almost 2 1/2 though.
Hope that helps and you can have some sanity while you are trying to nurse your new sweet baby and keep your other precious one entertained.


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