Habitats and 'arrgh!'

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
We have been BUSY BEES that's for sure....Open House is just around the corner and assessments and the weeks are winding down.  We always have habitats for our first grade open house theme.  Here are some photos of all the cute vines, bulletin boards, etc. 
My rainforest bulletin board - I found it in a rainforest book and then also came across it on Mrs. Jump's blog as well.

habitats - rainforest bulletin board

rainforest crafts
Every child has a vine to put all their rainforest animals on and then they take their vine home after Open House.

rainforest crafts
I think the sloth and monkey are my favorites.  I have the girls add eyelashes and a little flower with pink cheeks.

monkey craft
I have them write facts in the monkey's belly.

habitats - desert craft, cactus craft
This is one of my favorite habitat projects - a cactus for learning about the desert.  It is made by mixing Epson Salt with paint - it gives the cactus a really cool,  bumpy texture.  Then I added broken toothpicks and a tissue flower in the corner.

"AARGH Matey"  We are learning about /ar/ this week
So I took a red plastic cup and stuck aluminum foil into it.  We added some /ar/ words to the front and we had little pirate hooks to wear on the way home...They LOVED it. I found this on pinterest for a pirate party -- sometimes you just have to adapt cute ideas to make them useful for the classroom right?!? This was the first year I did it and will definitely do it again.

If you want to try it yourself:

teaching /ar/ phonics skill

teacher /ar/ phonics skill

This project is included in my /ar/ unit on TPT

I think the countdown has officially begun...enjoy your last few weeks my friends. :o)


  1. I completely ADORE your pirate display!! :)


  2. I love the cactus craft...I will have to try it next year when we do Habitats :)

  3. You "aargh" so creative to come up with that pirate hook. I'm glad I stopped by your blog. I'm your newest follower. My blog just got started so it's definitely a work in progress!

  4. Those pirate hooks are just too precious!

  5. We do habitats in October. I really like your cactus/epsom salt thingy. Cool idea.
    The jungle cruisin' peeps are too cute!
    Dragonflies in First

  6. I love those pirates. Your classroom looks so beautiful

  7. Love your Rainforest bulletin board - how creative!