Anniversary idea and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

anniversary idea for your spouse

So today is my 16th wedding anniversary!!!  I loved doing the 'heart attack'(s) on my kids door for Valentine's Day so I thought I could use the same idea and do something special for my hubby.  Here it is:
wedding anniversary idea - list of reasons you love your significant other.

He loved for an all day date now.  Now for the giveaway....I'm teaming up with some fabulous teachers and celebrating sweet Marie's 200 followers.  So head on over and participate --- it's a GOOD one!


Pin it to Win it WINNER & sweet gift

Friday, June 15, 2012

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          { Winner # 1 } - Laura P.

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{ Winner # 2 } -  Jill R.

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{ Winner # 3 } - Lauren L.

Congrats friends - I will email you, then please pick 1 item that you love the most and I will email it to you in an attachment.  I am going away for the weekend so it probably won't be until Sunday.  CoNgRaTs!!! { thanks for participating }

How sweet is this book and pinterest mason jar with my initial from a very crafty mom in my class. { She even thought to match my 'bee' theme } -- Love her!

Each page was beautiful with our class memories.

This mom is so sweet - all year she would shower me with gifts...I have tons of cute hair flowers she would make and bring in to me.  Love creative, crafty moms like that.

I can't help it...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
I just can't help it....maybe it's a disease.  The doctor's must have a term for it I'm sure.  Here's the symptoms:  I start thinking about the NEXT school year around Dec./Jan.  so as you can imagine now that it's June and I just got OUT of school all those ideas that have been spinning around in this head of mine are going FULL speed ahead.  I may need an intervention people.  I think I need to walk away from the computer.  { Well I just did come in from a game of HORSE with my kids }Well.. the real story is I wanted to play HORSE but they were ready to do something different because they had been playing basketball for a my son suggested OX.  Never heard of that one before.  Let's just say that ended fast.  LOL I just posted a really fun sun craftivity for the beginning of the school year or even for some of you summer school teachers out there.  It would be good for preschool through 3rd grade.  Here is a sneak peek:

The kiddos can draw scenes from their summer vacation in the sunglasses and write things they did on the sun's rays.  Check it out!  What are you dreaming up for next year. :oD

** BEE havior management FREEBIE **

Monday, June 11, 2012
Here is a 'bee' havior management freebie for your classroom.  If you don't have a theme this will still work great.  I have been using a bee one for a long time and just updated it...enjoy!! :oD
Click bee picture to take you there.

PS...Don't forget about the pin it to win it pinterest giveaway.

Pin it to Win it pinterest giveaway....

Saturday, June 9, 2012
Are you as addicted to Pinterest as I am? 

I always see great stuff for my classroom and wish that I had it. Have you ever seen one of the products from a TPT store and wish that you had it? Well now you can. . .for FREE! I'm a part of the "Pin It To Win It" contest being held by a group of TPT sellers on Pinterest.
Head on over to my pinterest board by clicking the picture below it's called Pin it to Win it.

1st - Re-Pin one, or all, of the products you want to win from my store. { click picture to take you there }

Have fun with it guys...happy summer!


Giveaway / memory book and last couple days

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Hi everyone - ONE MORE DAY!!!!  My friend Heidi at My { not so } elementary life is having a 100 follower giveaway and I'm participating.  I'm giving away my end of the year fun pack and memory book.  So head on over and check out her blog.
Pajama Day today and read a thon

Here we are all sprawled out - with blanket forts. LOL

Yesterday was Field Day - they had so much fun with the parachute at my rotation.

I switched up my memory book this year...I called it a pocket full of first grade memories and put it in a pocket.  Every year in the past I have bound them...but our budget is shrinking so this seemed just as cute.

Here is the way I have done the book in the past with a cover.
If you'd like to see inside this book { each page } click here.
That is my teacher website.
Tomorrow is Game Board Day { minimum day of course too } and then.....wait for it....SUMMER VACAY!!!!!

Day 2 of last week - Autograph shirt day / Beginning of year tip

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Day 2 - Autograph shirt day - the kids wore shirts that their parents were okay with and all signed each other's shirts today.  It sounds like a little thing but they go nuts over it.  { funny what kids just LOVE } 
Also a fun tip for the beginning of the year...we do bucket filling at our school I know some schools have other things in place but this will work with whatever program you have in place.  Bring in a travel sized toothpaste tube.  Have the kids sit in front of you and start squeezing it out all on the plate...the WHOLE tube.  Their eyes will get big they will think you have gone coo-koo for Coco Puffs.  Then ask them which one of them can put ALL the toothpaste back into the tube.  Now they will really think you are a whack - a - doodle. :o)  Discuss with them how it's impossible to put it back in the tube just like hurtful words are impossible to take back.  Saying sorry is helpful but those words are forever 'out there' and can't be put back in your heart/mind.  It is a fantastic visual for them to see and relate how words and toothpaste can't be undone/unsaid.  I've done it 1st - 3rd grade and it's great at every age.  3 more days!!!


Last Week of School Fun and SIMU- TOWN

Monday, June 4, 2012
Well it's my LAST WEEK ~~ Whoo- Hoo!!!  I have something fun planned every day of the last week.  Today ( MON. ) was crazy sock day.  Tomorrow is Field Day, Wednesday is Pajama/Read a thon Day, THursday is Autograph Shirt Day - they get to bring in or wear a shirt their parents are okay with and sign all their friends shirts.  Friday is Game Board Day - they bring in game boards and we play all day. 

Here is just a sampling of our fun socks.

I wore my daughter's peace sign socks.
Also for you 4th grade teachers out there..  Our school has all the 4th graders create a store/ stock their store/ pay taxes, electricty and rent on it. It's called Simu- town. My son SOLD the most items in his room and made the most money !!!  But it's fake money.  Every child in the school comes through and they get 5 fake dollars to spend on anyones store or several if they choose.  It's a neat lesson on economy.  Each room even has a 'banker' to handle the money and collect everyone's earnings, keep track etc.  The whole school loves it because they get to shop and walk away with cool stuff.  We made lego necklaces and scratchers ( the pinterest kind... ) Here is his store front, items, etc.  Every store is different, some sold bookmarks, oragami, pencils, pet rocks, etc.

Some of the scratchers we made...they were actually more popular than the lego necklaces...I was shocked!

His store

He had so much fun!  Look at those lego necklaces - we made almost 400.  There are still several left over so I'll use them next year for my treasure chest. :o)

Josh's very first customer!!

Look what one of the scratcher prizes was...a lego ring complete with jewels of course.

4 days left... how about everyone else?