Last Week of School Fun and SIMU- TOWN

Monday, June 4, 2012
Well it's my LAST WEEK ~~ Whoo- Hoo!!!  I have something fun planned every day of the last week.  Today ( MON. ) was crazy sock day.  Tomorrow is Field Day, Wednesday is Pajama/Read a thon Day, THursday is Autograph Shirt Day - they get to bring in or wear a shirt their parents are okay with and sign all their friends shirts.  Friday is Game Board Day - they bring in game boards and we play all day. 

Here is just a sampling of our fun socks.

I wore my daughter's peace sign socks.
Also for you 4th grade teachers out there..  Our school has all the 4th graders create a store/ stock their store/ pay taxes, electricty and rent on it. It's called Simu- town. My son SOLD the most items in his room and made the most money !!!  But it's fake money.  Every child in the school comes through and they get 5 fake dollars to spend on anyones store or several if they choose.  It's a neat lesson on economy.  Each room even has a 'banker' to handle the money and collect everyone's earnings, keep track etc.  The whole school loves it because they get to shop and walk away with cool stuff.  We made lego necklaces and scratchers ( the pinterest kind... ) Here is his store front, items, etc.  Every store is different, some sold bookmarks, oragami, pencils, pet rocks, etc.

Some of the scratchers we made...they were actually more popular than the lego necklaces...I was shocked!

His store

He had so much fun!  Look at those lego necklaces - we made almost 400.  There are still several left over so I'll use them next year for my treasure chest. :o)

Josh's very first customer!!

Look what one of the scratcher prizes was...a lego ring complete with jewels of course.

4 days left... how about everyone else?


  1. Oh my word...what a terrific project for the 4th graders. I'd love to hear more :)

    Your son looks happy!

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. My son would die for this! LEGO necklaces! How did you make them? Our 2nd grade does an annual Itty Bitty City for econ. We invite K-1 classes to spend $5. I must remember this idea for me next year!
    Rachel (your newest follower)

  3. This is such a great idea!! I am your newest follower. I am looking forward to looking back at all of your older posts to get great new ideas.