Bottle cap word work center ** FREEBIE(S) **

Sunday, July 29, 2012
     So I am closing in on the countdown of NO MORE SUMMER. :o(  and just between you and me I'm kinda in DENIAL because I'm going from 22 students to ----- 30!!!!  I know, I know I keep mentioning this but I'm kinda ----- SCARED!!!!  Like I said before - a million years ago when I first started teaching I had 32 firsties in the inner city with a bilingual aide EVERY DAY until 12:30 and YES I did cry sometimes I cried when she left everyday - it was my first year teaching and I never wanted her to leave.  LOL  
     Anywho enough of that cuz I gotta get this post on because we have Big Brother and the Olympics to watch later. 
 So I made a new bloggy friend -- I've followed her for a while but now we are buddies.  She is super sweet her name is Kayla and she is over at Primary Junction.  She made these adorable bottle caps for word work...anyway I printed them out in .... MARCH and just the other day made them.  I'm sure that has happened to some of you right?  They turned out way cute!  I asked her if I could make a freebie to go with them and she said, " YES!!"  
     So here you head on over to her blog first to get the bottle cap letters.  If you are short on time you could just write on your bottle caps with sharpie but...THESE are so STINKIN cute I say make em'!

Here are some ways to use my printables:

Here is the freebie - get crafting and you have yourself another fun center for your kiddos and don't forget to visit my friend Kayla over at Primary Junction.  { Click picture below for freebie }


Here's another summer freebie for ya!  Check it out!

A freebie to organize your sub folder.  Enjoy!!


New product posted --- you can win it

Thursday, July 26, 2012
I just finished my popsicle craftivity.  If you are interested in winning one... I'm going to pick 3 lucky winners tonight.  All you have to do is 'pin it' to pinterest and comment below and I will randomly pick 3 winners.  These would be super cute to use for back to away friends. :o)

I will announce winners tonight ---PST probably after one of my guilty pleasures...Big Brother. 

*****WINNERS *****

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Congrats to...

  Jennifer K from Herding Kats in Kinder

 Another Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies   &

 Chrissy from Read Write Sing

Congrats ladies - I will be sending this off to all of you...I think I can find your emails on your blogs. :o)  Thanks everyone for joining in on the fun tonight.


All About Me ~ Linky Party

Monday, July 23, 2012
Well I know most of you know me fairly well since I blog about family traditions and teaching but I still wanted to hook up with Amy Lemons and join her linky party.  Here is some fun information about me...maybe you will learn a new thing or 2 about me...

My family is my <3 { heart } I am so blessed!

One of my other passions { swimming! }  In the summer I swim laps everyday.  I was a competitive swimmer growing up.  I beat Janet Evans a few times ( of course it was my best stroke and one of her worst - LOL ) and broke an age group meet record of Dara Torres when I was 12. 

click for larger image & more info

Me in 2nd grade - my kids always get a kick out of this.

My hubby ~  We just celebrated our 16th anniv.

My mom ~~  My heart!  I lost her 4/1/07...oh how I miss her.  She was my best friend -  I hate cancer!!

I have been to almost every state...

When I was 5 1/2 we went across country in our green 1970's Nomad trailer towing behind the equally beautiful 1970's station wagon.  Although I was always bitter ( harsh word ) SAD that we didn't have one where the back seat faced backwards...some of you might remember those... - hitting pretty much every monument/state, etc.  My dad was an engineer and I'm pretty sure he took almost the whole summer off without being fired...WHAT?!?  I still don't know how he pulled that one off... it was almost an all summer vacation.  We saw family, etc.  I walked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up.  ( I was bribed by my dad and 3 brothers to not get a piggy back and I would get a stuffed animal and candy ) -- IT WORKED!!  LOL  The rest of the states I either hit traveling for national swim meets, swim camps, vacations, etc.  We took an Alaskan cruise for our 10th anniversary/ Hawaii for swim meets and honeymoon.

I am a Christian and wish I read the bible more.

LAST totally RANDOM fact about me -- when I was 16 and had my wisdom teeth pulled they pinched a nerve and to this day ~~  YIKES - I'm 41 I still can't feel parts of my lower lip and have trouble putting lipstick on without a mirror.  I always say if I get hurt/hit/attacked they could punch me in my lip and I wouldn't feel a thing.

Go visit Amy and join in...I want to hear all about you now. :o)

PS Don't miss out on the huge giveaway going on at The Idea Backpack!!


School Stash part 1

Tuesday, July 17, 2012
So I had to go to TOYS R US because a little birdie told me crayons were 25 cents each...whoo - hoo.  No limits either.  Then Target $1 bins were calling my name and I stocked up on these ADORABLE metal tins with chalkboard shapes on them.  I added some ribbon to make it cute and can't wait to use them.  Then Dollar Tree baskets and Lakeshore for a couple things.  I also jazzed up my whisper phones with yellow duct tape and black and white herringbone duct tape.  I love how they make all kinds of duct tape prints.  Time to cute -afy my classroom!!!!  I'm sure there will be a part 2 and 3 and 4....  LOL - I love my job!!

There were double sided lined white boards that I will use to practice writing sight words in guided reading groups too.

So how cute are those Dr. Seuss letters in the background from Lakeshore, how fun for March.

Get them while you can cuz you know Target won't have those cute tins next week...LOL


Summer Plans ~ what have you been up to LINKY PARTY

Sunday, July 15, 2012
Well summer has been GREAT!  Much needed and got a little mini vacation in....what have I been doing?  Well most importantly spending time with my family.  I mentioned before that my hubby is a teacher too so we all get to hang out together which is great.  I have also been adding TPT products and training for a triathlon for the end of the month.  I just finished making these today which was so easy and I love how they turned out!
for my reading table

love how there will be automatic extra storage in each one.

Here is a picture from a tri I did in December - my next one coming up is at the end of this month.

Join my linky party and let me know what you guys have all been up to this summer!!  Hope yours is great!  Share your vacation plans, your new products you've been working on - just share. :o)
(P.S.) This is my first ever linky party so I hope I'm doing it right...LOL


blog hopping **FREEBIES**

Monday, July 9, 2012
I love collaborating - finding new ideas - implementing them,etc.  Kreative in Kinder has a linky party for freebies...who wouldn't love that right?!?  Even better as you are thinking ahead to next I thought I would join the fun!  Here are some freebies from myself and tons of others:  Click link

 Follow for Freebies
Mine are :

Back to School mini pack

Bee havior clip system

classroom coupons/rewards for your treasure chest

Check em' out...enjoy!!