Bottle cap word work center ** FREEBIE(S) **

Sunday, July 29, 2012
     So I am closing in on the countdown of NO MORE SUMMER. :o(  and just between you and me I'm kinda in DENIAL because I'm going from 22 students to ----- 30!!!!  I know, I know I keep mentioning this but I'm kinda ----- SCARED!!!!  Like I said before - a million years ago when I first started teaching I had 32 firsties in the inner city with a bilingual aide EVERY DAY until 12:30 and YES I did cry sometimes I cried when she left everyday - it was my first year teaching and I never wanted her to leave.  LOL  
     Anywho enough of that cuz I gotta get this post on because we have Big Brother and the Olympics to watch later. 
 So I made a new bloggy friend -- I've followed her for a while but now we are buddies.  She is super sweet her name is Kayla and she is over at Primary Junction.  She made these adorable bottle caps for word work...anyway I printed them out in .... MARCH and just the other day made them.  I'm sure that has happened to some of you right?  They turned out way cute!  I asked her if I could make a freebie to go with them and she said, " YES!!"  
     So here you head on over to her blog first to get the bottle cap letters.  If you are short on time you could just write on your bottle caps with sharpie but...THESE are so STINKIN cute I say make em'!

Here are some ways to use my printables:

Here is the freebie - get crafting and you have yourself another fun center for your kiddos and don't forget to visit my friend Kayla over at Primary Junction.  { Click picture below for freebie }


Here's another summer freebie for ya!  Check it out!

A freebie to organize your sub folder.  Enjoy!!


  1. Oh my goodness!! Good luck!! And thank you for posting this!!! I have collected a million bottle caps and was looking for something fun to do with them!! Yay! How was your marathon!?

  2. Hi Hadar - I had was a sprint triathlon. It wore me out though... LOL

  3. Wow-that's a lot of kiddos to keep up with. The most I ever had was 25 and felt like that was a lot-doing small group for reading was so hard! And it would take you forever to even just walk anywhere in a line. Maybe they all won't show up....:).


  4. Good luck with 30. I had 31 last year and it about killed me. I'll probably have 32 this year. It should be a crime to have such a BIG class. I love the bottle caps! Thanks for sharing!
    Sheree Peterson

  5. I just started collecting bottle caps to use for math. My husband recycled them! Aaaggh! Starting over ;0)

    Teach on a Limb

  6. Thank you so much for the shout out, Vicky! The center you made to go along with them is fabulous! :-)

    Primary Junction

  7. Welcome to the "30" world... it's dizzying I tell ya! But you can do it. Great - now I HAVE to start collecting bottle caps! Love this.

  8. Hi Vicky! I finally completed the set and updated my files! I gave you and your awesome freebie a shout out at: and

  9. I love the idea of using the bottle caps! I will have to start saving mine.

    I am your newest follower!! Come visit me over at


  10. Hello! I was wondering what size of bottle caps you were using. After I printed out the labels, they looked larger than a water bottle cap. Thanks for the wonderful information. Thanks!