Chair Pockets, Cars and Prayers

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
My crafty mom in law made these adorable chair pockets for me a couple years ago to go with my bee theme...bee helpful...bee thoughtful, etc....then she made me newer ones with a bucket filler theme on them too.  Aren't I lucky??  So the table that gets the most table points at the end of the week earns the chair pockets.  They can do whatever they want with them as far as what they put in long as it's not too heavy.  They LOVE this -- go figure!

Classroom management tool, purchase chair pockets or make them, whichever table earns the most table points for the week gets the chair pockets the following week.  The kids love it!

Now for my car story....I have had my white nissan mini van for 10 years - it has over 100,000 miles on it...I'm cool with that.  However on Friday after my hubbys Homecoming game ( he coaches and teaches high school ) my son started throwing up ALL OVER my van...I mean -- ALL OVER...Did I say ALL OVER?!?!  Yikes.  It was dark and late 10:30 pm ish and I was swerving all over the freeway to figure out what to give him  to contain this situation...not likely.  Anyway we survived but my poor van didn't.  LOL  SO my hubby took it in to be detailed.  I had never really thought much about detailing a car before.  Like I said I'm not a big car person.  I don't really care what I drive and I allow my kids to live ( meaning eat, etc. ) in it so it's not the cleanest thing.  Anywho we had to deal with the big my hubby went to get it detailed.  Oh my!!!!  First off - it's not cheap...secondly it took 4 1/2 hours.  Is that even normal?  Does that tell you how dirty it was and I'm not just talking throw up here. 
I was CRACKING up when he came back with the van.  We were looking at it like we had never seen it that nice since the day we bought it.  When I picked up my middle school car pool - one little girl was like..." Oh wow, Mrs. Moore your car is so clean!"  Too funny!
Lastly I was wondering who prays for their students?  Every year after I get my class list and look at the pink and blues I set up my seating chart.  Then I go around at each desk and stop and pray for these little guys.  Their family life, behaviors, learning styles ( that they will be met by me ), etc.  Wherever you are in your life of faith - it sure can't hurt to pray for our students - especially if they are in a hard situation....I have one sweet, precious little girl right now fighting a battle with cancer.  She is one that I definitely pray for you pray for your students?

Do you pray for your students?  If you are someone of faith consider praying for them at the start of every school year and throughout the year.

Sorry if this was a little TMI but sometimes you just gotta share. :oD  Have a great rest of your week teacher friends.


  1. I love that you pray for your students. I have before as well, but I should do that more often. Thanks for the reminder!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  2. I'll add her to my prayers. Keep us updated on her, ok?
    Barb J

  3. Oh Vicky - I just don't know what to say... Your little one is in my thoughts. I'm so glad she has such a wonderfully sweet and caring teacher. :D

  4. Last year I had some super strong behaviors in my classroom and my mom and dad and I started praying for my students and the aids in my classroom. I really should start doing it again this year. Thanks for the nudge:)

    We are ALL Special!