Guided Reading Round Up

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Guided Reading Round up
I often get questions about how my morning looks --- so I thought I would try and answer that for you with pictures and some information on how it looks.  I haven't read the Daily 5 ... enter { * GASP* } here.  But from what I've heard I have been doing a fairly modified version of it since around 2007. 
Our district currently has kept the adoption of Houghton Mifflin so most of the skills have been pulled from there as long as they are aligned with the standards.  I have almost a unit/pack for every skill that we cover in my first grade class if you want to check them out.
We begin our morning at the rug with word work/ we brainstorm words that have the vowel sound/pair/ending whatever it is we are focusing on for the week.  After we brainstorm and pair share we move on to what I use to call CHALKS AND SOCKS.  Now we use white boards and it just doesn't sound as cute.  They make this on their boards
Then I give them words ( almost like a spelling test ) each day to reinforce the skill we are working on...sometimes I will even throw in a skill from last week like ( qu ) to see if they are retaining it.  Here are some pics of theirs and me as I walk around the room to see whos struggling then model the correct way.
As you can see last week we were working on double consonant endings.

Here is my chance to model it correctly with my ELMO.
After this we move on to guided reading.  I use a wheel --- that I really like BTW. =) 
Each group has something to do that relates to reading.

The only thing is the finish your work center is also a Word Work Center or Listening to Reading Center as well if they are done.
When the kiddos are not meeting with me they are writing, reviewing a skill or reading

Now during our group time we are at the back table..they take out their logs and I write the new book that I'm introducing that they will have for homework while they re read the book from the night before.

Here is the log that I write down their books and parents sign each night.  It also has reading strategies stapled to side for reference and a book mark with the strategies on it as well.

The first thing we do back there is review sight words!!

Then a picture walk and here is where we find tricky words or work on vocab.  They use highlight sticks I made by cutting up bright see through folders and pipe cleaners shaped like a magnifying glass.  THEY LOVE THIS!!

After we have found some tricky words and done a picture walk they can pick a pointer and we are off and reading!

Guided Reading is my favorite part of the day!!

For my kiddos that are ready - maybe reading harder non-fiction or chapter books we work on activities to go along with the text.

I have 2 guided reading packs you might like ...


Hope this was helpful and answered some of your questions friends.
NOW for the FUN -- leave me a comment on something you do --- I will pick one that I think I can incorporate into my morning and I will give you BOTH of these packs!!!


  1. When the students begin reading, any word that they had a hard time with, I would write on the board, and we would go over those words that they struggled with after the reading lesson. Love your idea about reviewing the sight words!

  2. Hello Vicky, This is something I do. When I introduce a sight word, I add them to the students ring binder. (Index cards on a ring) When we are reading the students have to stop, clap and say "ring binder." They love doing it and it keeps them focused on what we are reading. For the students that may have a difficult time reading they are excited to clap "ring binder" when they see the familiar word. :) Everyone is happy!

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids


  3. We highlight our sight words in our text. I usually pick a different color for each word that we are focusing on. We also roll and graph our sight words. Thanks for all of your great ideas!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  4. Great post, my friend.
    I, too, have been doing what is now referred to as "daily 5" for 15 years. Who knew?! :D
    Love your wheel! I used to do rotations for independent practice time after instruction... but have found it easier to do a "list" sort of thing now with the whole 30 kiddos thing. They still do all of the usual specific skill, reading, writing and sight word & spelling work independently while I "pull back" my guided reading groups but it's more at their own pace. So far, that's been working out very well.

  5. To review spelling and HFW I number and write the words on the board, I put an interactive dice on the Smart Board, a student will touch/roll the dice and whatever number it lies on, students write that word on their white board. Kids love it! Hope it makes sense, swing by and check out some pics :)
    First Grade Dual

  6. I have each student a set of words on a ring. At the beginning of each week, we add the new words. Students take the word rings home daily and bring them back and forth....I ask the parents to go over the words with their kids at least 2 times a week. This has really helped my kids a lot with learning their sight words. The packets look great! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Vicky, I just love your guided reading highlighters! I am going to pin those so my kindergarten teacher friends can make their own. I am also going to steal your blog button for my blog page. As a side note, I have two state cross country champions at my house. No, not me...both of my sons run cross country and track for their high school. We spend most of our time at running events.

  8. I remembered something else I wanted to ask you. You mentioned that you shared a job. I was curious to know how that works. I am retired now, but my friend and I wanted to do that several years ago. we just didn't have that option, so I have always been curious as to how other systems made it work. You are lucky to be in a place that offers that opportunity.