Throwback Thursday

Thursday, October 11, 2012
Maybe it was because  I didn't have kids yet...not sure.  I still feel like I do fun stuff even with being a mom/wife/runner, etc.  Right?!?  Well I just don't quite do stuff like this anymore...this was way back in 1998. 

Turn your classroom entrance into the Mayflower Ship for fun Thanksgiving rotations and party

 First Grade - I turned the entrance of my classroom into the Mayflower and part of my class too.  I remember stopping at a hotel and asking for 40 bars of soap so 2 first grade classrooms could use plastic knives to create 'arrowheads' - they sure made my class smell good while they were carving away at those.  haha!  Good times, good memories!
This school was so good to me - I have since changed schools but am still in the same district...anywho for my baby shower for my first the invites said -- BABY SHOWER HAPPY HOUR!!  LOL isn't that crazy!  They all had happy hour at my baby shower while I drank punch.  Too funny!  Then they took a 6 pack ( wine cooler ) pack covered it with baby paper - then put baby bottles in the holders where the wine went and filled each bottle with cash to go with the happy hour theme.  Clever!!
Hope you got a good laugh and if any of you feels creative and energetic give this a try the kiddos loved it!!


  1. that is such a great idea! i bet the kids were soo excited.


  2. Oh my goodness how cute is this! I bet the kids were so excited!
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    The Hive

  3. I love looking back at things I used to do. We have 2 new teachers on our team and I'm always saying "oh, I did this really neat thing, back when I was a good teacher" :). What an amazing Mayflower experience that must have been!