Who doesn't love a sale?!?

Sunday, November 25, 2012
Who doesn't love a sale/shopping right?!?  All right well maybe my husband and dad for one but...I know I do!!!!  I think I'm going to be WAY too excited to properly teach reading groups tomorrow because I will be soooo curious how my little ol' shop will be doing.  j/k~~~ I'm super excited to see my 29 little faces again tomorrow after having 9 days off so I will completely and totally be focused on them and will never  { HARDLY } ever check my stats on my user dashboard.
So here is the scoop:
Thank you Ashley for the darling button!!
I have been super busy making lots of new products so NOW is the time to grab them with this great sale going on.  I have new gingerbread units, a super sized Christmas unit and a sweet baby Jesus unit so fill those carts up and enjoy your discount.
Just another thought I had pop into my ADHD head today...Christmas is exactly 1 month from today people!!!  My hubby leaned over in church to inform me of that...
Oh my goodness this is from 'way back when' but I had to post it in honor of the gingerbread man units I made.  Aren't they the sweetest?  My sweet babies with the gingerbread man...circa 2005?
Ok friends the shameless pug plug -  (I am a pug owner by the way but this is not her )...is over
{ Although you must admit this does go well with my gingerbready post I have today } :oD 

 ...have fun with whatever you buy!!!  I've got my eye on some super cute things...such TALENTED teachers over there at tpt- don't ya' think?!? 
Have a great day back to work tomorrow everyone!!



Freebie and More

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Happy Turkey Day friends!!!  It's so nice to be off this week and catch up on some stuff
{ cleaning house, making products, having fun }
I made a freebie for the holiday season for you all that I hope you enjoy!

Also I have been a busy little turkey making all sorts of fun stuff.  Here's a peek at some of it...head on over and check it out.  I made a little joke about my Gingerbread Unit on facebook:  I had a Deanna Jump moment...after I uploaded my unit - it sold within about a minute... a rarity  LOL  It felt great!

And this last one was super fun to make...if you teach at a private school give me a shout out in the comments.  I don't but use to many years ago.  I made this in honor of you guys:

Aside from products and school stuff I just want to wish all of my bloggy friends a very blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for...

I'm the mom of a TEENAGER!!!  WHAT?!?  How did that happen?  My sweet girl turned 13 last week.

God is good, bless you all!


To Feast or Not to Feast

Thursday, November 15, 2012
I have 1 day until break...yep.  That's it... so we in first grade at my school DO NOT have a feast.  Although we do dress up really cute like pilgrims as you will see in the following pictures.  Does that make sense?!?! 
The kinder team has a feast so we have never had one.  We have done Johnny Cakes, made candles, carved soap, etc.  But no feast.  Do you have a feast?  I'm curious how other schools  learn /celebrate /find  a way to have another party without really having one 
 ( offically speaking I mean of course )
We dressed up and took some pics.  I spent the entire afternoon discussing pilgrims.  We did a venn diagram, watched a cute Snoppy Mayflower video ( Shh!  Don't tell the curriculum police though ), a chore sort and a note taking page.  Geesh!  Writing it down it sounds like A LOT but they did awesome!  Here are some pics of our day. 
Oh - I'm so pinning the one with this little girl in it. She told me her hat was her dad's t shirt sleeve --- she was like oh my gosh Mrs. Moore my dad didn't know what to do for a hat so he just got some scissors and cut his sleeve off his shirt just like that, can you believe it?  SOOO stinkin' cute that girl!!!!!

dressing up for a Thanksgiving/ Mayflower celebration in first grade

Check out his tin foil buckles on his belt and shoes people - how creative is that mom?!?

Here is the cutie patootie with the sleeve bonnet.
dress up like a pilgrim - thanksgiving in the classroom

Of course I had to get in on the actions too.  For those who don't know me that well - I LOVE dress up days.  I will find any reason to dress up.  For some reason I always make it in the yearbook for dress up days...go figure! LOL
first grade - Thanksgiving feast

Here's my entire get up - see told you I love dressing up..

thanksgiving fun in the clasroom

Here we are working on our Venn comparing Long Ago and Now

comparing then and now - thanksgiving in the classroom

thanksgiving lessons and ideas for the classroom

And...here I am reading a story.
Did I mention we had a BUSY day - Oh and I had a teacher in there doing observation hours too --- Whew!  Is it Friday yet?!?!  Anywho back to the original question - Do you have feasts?  Happy Turkey Day y'all!!!!!


Teacher Tip Linky

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
I had to hook up with my sweet friend Hadar for this linky party.   Plus who isn't in the mood for a party I have 2 days of school left and then 9 days off - whoo! hoo!
My tip is something many of you may already do --- but you just never know so I thought I would throw it out there.  I know we make a bazillion class lists for just about everything right?!?
  Well I make several, laminate them, cut them down and have in the parent helper bucket.  That way when there is a project to do in the hallway -- and the parents are calling kids out 2 at a time they can just check off their name as they are out there.  With what seems like a million kids in my class this year --- well okay 29.  It makes life a lot easier and I don't have a lone parent  wondering around the room asking, did you paint Johnny, did you paint Sarah, etc. etc.
Here is what it looks like:

It actually comes in quite handy and you look SUPER organized to the parents!  I also have one on the back of my lanyard, one side has the sight word of the week and the other side has my class list mini form in case of emergency and I get knocked out or something LOL...someone can find all my little ducklings.

Don't forget to visit Hadar and join in on the fun too.  I'd love to hear all your tips.


Throwback Thursday / Mystery Readers

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My sweet friend Traci over at Dragonflies in First
 recently wrote a little post that gave me a chuckle and got me thinking back.  19 years of teaching are sure to bring back some fun memories!  One of my friends ( and former parent from my past ) saw my facebook post about Where the Wild Things Are and commented...I remember when my son had visits from Zero the Hero.  { Her son is now a grown adult and married by the way }  Yes, that ages me a bit. :o/
Anyway I had to do a Throwback Thursday because Traci was posting about Miss Viola Swamp.  Well in 2008 I had the HONOR of teaching my own daughter and I came in as the Mystery Reader dressed as Miss Viola Swamp.  I acted like her and had the kids really second guessing.  LOL  It was great fun.  So I had to scan a page from my sweet daugter's memory book to show you'all. 
Mystery Readers in the classroom, as the teacher be the mystery reader and dress like Miss Viola Swamp
 Do you have a Mystery Reader program?  It's the best, the kids - parents - grandparents and even my former students just love it.
If you aren't sure what it is ---- let me explain.
Tell the parents about the program at back to school night and tell them if they or a special family member want to come in to email you and keep it a SECRET!!!
They will send you 5 clues - starting out very general.  I live in ____city.  To very specific by the end.  I have a pug...or I have a son in this class, etc.
The kids guess who it might be and I call down to the office to send the guest to my room.  I lay out the RED CARPET for them and they walk in and read a story to the class.  Sweetest thing ever and my students look forward to whenever we have one.  Here are some pics of some from the past.
A little girl's grandpa was in town and read to the kids.
Our cute crossing guard came in to read to us.

My awesome dad came in - that's me with my daughter too when she was in my class a while back.   

Our mascot the Jackson Coyote came in to read with us, that was AMAZING!!!
Here is a picture showing how we literally roll out the red carpet for our mystery reader guests.

{ I was actually featured in Education World - if you click on the picture it will take you to the article about me }
Try the program it's so fun for the kids and builds great community!  P.S. How do you like my updated blog design?
Alicia from Dreamlike Magic ROCKS!!!  If you need a new design check her out for sure!

Dreamlike Magic Designs

Random thoughts and CURRENTLY

Sunday, November 4, 2012
So I'm looking ahead to a very busy week, 2 IEP's, one SST, 1 District  Common Core Co-hort  { try saying that 10 times fast }...LOL meeting all day so yes I need to leave sub plans, and a School Site Council meeting. YIKES, writing it all down kinda freaks me out a bit.  I'm sitting here being thankful though -- for so many things!  God is good!  I'm thankful I have a job, my family and myself are healthy.  My 10 year old mini van still runs - and yes I really like it. :o)
TPT has allowed me to pay up front for my daughter's entire year of club/travel volleyball.  A year ago I was making monthly payments and it was tough I will admit.  So grateful I can support my sweet girl.  She was selected to be on her middle school Varsity Volleyball All- Star team and they WON All- Stars!  So proud of her.
I was kinda busy this week and weekend I made 2 new Christmas units.  One is really fun cuz I did a play on words...I love when that happens.  It's called
Santa Cause and Effect - get it?!? :o)
And my other one is a super sized Christmas Pack
And lastly - Can you believe it --- my very first currently ever?
Have a great week everyone - hope mine goes by kinda fast!