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Thursday, November 8, 2012

My sweet friend Traci over at Dragonflies in First
 recently wrote a little post that gave me a chuckle and got me thinking back.  19 years of teaching are sure to bring back some fun memories!  One of my friends ( and former parent from my past ) saw my facebook post about Where the Wild Things Are and commented...I remember when my son had visits from Zero the Hero.  { Her son is now a grown adult and married by the way }  Yes, that ages me a bit. :o/
Anyway I had to do a Throwback Thursday because Traci was posting about Miss Viola Swamp.  Well in 2008 I had the HONOR of teaching my own daughter and I came in as the Mystery Reader dressed as Miss Viola Swamp.  I acted like her and had the kids really second guessing.  LOL  It was great fun.  So I had to scan a page from my sweet daugter's memory book to show you'all. 
Mystery Readers in the classroom, as the teacher be the mystery reader and dress like Miss Viola Swamp
 Do you have a Mystery Reader program?  It's the best, the kids - parents - grandparents and even my former students just love it.
If you aren't sure what it is ---- let me explain.
Tell the parents about the program at back to school night and tell them if they or a special family member want to come in to email you and keep it a SECRET!!!
They will send you 5 clues - starting out very general.  I live in ____city.  To very specific by the end.  I have a pug...or I have a son in this class, etc.
The kids guess who it might be and I call down to the office to send the guest to my room.  I lay out the RED CARPET for them and they walk in and read a story to the class.  Sweetest thing ever and my students look forward to whenever we have one.  Here are some pics of some from the past.
A little girl's grandpa was in town and read to the kids.
Our cute crossing guard came in to read to us.

My awesome dad came in - that's me with my daughter too when she was in my class a while back.   

Our mascot the Jackson Coyote came in to read with us, that was AMAZING!!!
Here is a picture showing how we literally roll out the red carpet for our mystery reader guests.

{ I was actually featured in Education World - if you click on the picture it will take you to the article about me }
Try the program it's so fun for the kids and builds great community!  P.S. How do you like my updated blog design?
Alicia from Dreamlike Magic ROCKS!!!  If you need a new design check her out for sure!

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  1. Hi Vicky! Thanks for leaving us some love!! That is awesome that you were featured in Education World. I just read the article and like how you roll out the red carpet and hang a special sign for your mystery readers. Your students must be so excited on Mystery Reader days! I also love the new blog design! Take care!

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  2. That's an awesome idea. I love it!
    Grade ONEderful

  3. I LOVE doing the Mystery Reader this year, the kiddos really enjoy it! And I must say, the Viola Swamp idea is BRILLIANT! I can't wait to do it! :) Thanks for sharing! And yes, I love the new blog look! Too cute!

    MOORE Fun In Kindergarten

  4. LOVE your new look!!! And, Mystery Reader - how cool! Heading over to read your Education World feature now. :)
    Growing Firsties is having a Pete the Cat Giveaway that also donates to Hurricane Sandy Relief!

  5. stop for coming by my page! You won my Christmas Craftivity. I wasn't able to find your e-mail address. But please e-mail me at so I could send it to you. Congrats.

  6. Your Mystery Reader program is such a fun idea.

    By the way - you are far too pretty to truly pull of being Miss Viola Swamp... just sayin'. :D

  7. I love your Mystery Readers!! That sounds like so much fun!

    Lessons with Laughter