Our little Elf is sooo mischievous

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Oh  my goodness I'm having so much fun with this little elf.  Who knew?!!?  The minds behind Elf on a Shelf are just BRILLANT!!!  After we met her see post { here }  we came back on Monday and she ended up all entwined in snowflake Christmas lights ~  which was actually quite appropriate since my class named her Snowflake.

Then TODAY we found her in a Hershey's Kiss Candy Sleeping Bag with little, teeny, tiny hershey kisses that were sent especially from Santa for the kiddos that move their clips up this week.  ( of course the big Hershey kisses were gone...I bet she ate them all! )
 { ** as seen on pinterest ** I can't take credit for this cute idea! }

Oh -- they are soo tiny!  Thank you Santa!  { By the way - I wrapped chocolate chips in tin foil to make these. }

The first little angel getting her reward today!  They loved this BTW!


  1. Where did you get those teeny tiny hershey kisses!!??? I HAVE to get some!!!! :) So cute!!!

  2. OMG the hershey kisses are too cute! I have never seen them that small!!
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    Brigid's Daily Lesson Log

  3. I am SO pinning the tip for how to make teeny tiny Hershey kisses! I LOOOVE this! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  4. I agree-Elf on a shelf is so fun!! How long did it take you to wrap alllll those mini kisses?? :)

  5. So cute! Come link up

  6. I have done the tiny hershey kisses one time, just for fun, but thanks for the reminder! They are PERFECT for The Elf! What a FUN teacher you are:)

  7. Thanks for linking up. I'm going to try the little kisses this week. :)

  8. OK, you win! After I just returned from the store with 3 bags of hershey kisses! Yours are ADORABLE! Who knew this ELF could be so fun!!!!
    I am happy to be your newest follower!

    Happy Holidays from the Critter Cafe!
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