How to dress like a 6 year old...and 5 For Friday

Friday, December 13, 2013
I had such a fun week with my firsties!!!!  They LOVE Snowflake and can't wait to see where she ends up so that alone makes my days super fun.  This is what we have been up to this week:

The Elf Fun continues in my classroom:  Here is what she has been up to:
Elf on the Shelf ideas for the classroom

First she changes our learning target...then our schedule...what a little rebel she is!!

Elf on the shelf ideas for the classroom

Then I think she turned on MTV and the Martha Stewart channel to watch the Wrecking Ball video by Miley Cyrus { scary } and how to make a fruit loop necklace by Martha.

elf on the shelf ideas

Next  -- she well... to be honest I think she must be running out of ideas...the poor thing.  Her creative juices must not be working properly.  She did this exact same thing last year.  She used a chocolate chip bag as a sleeping bag and wrapped little chocolate chips in aluminum foil to create mini Hershey kisses.  When the kids move their clips up they get to eat one!!!

elf on the shelf ideas

They are sooo tiny!!!  and then...
today I had a sub...I was on campus all day but got to do common core planning...I'm loving my district right now.  They gave us 4 days for this so far.  This is what Snowflake wrote for today...and she looked like pathetic:

elf on the shelf ideas

Someone misses the 'BIG MAN'...she even put Santa stickers all over herself...

elf on the shelf ideas

We did a little directed draw of Mooseltoe after reading about him...They turned out so cute!

Had a sweet little angel in my class end up in the hospital this week.  Pray for little B to continue to get better soon, thanks my friends.
Don't be embarrassed for me...really it's okay!  Apparently I dress like a first grader.  This week I was twins with 2 of them and they were thrilled.  Me - not so much. LOL

 matching animal print and almost exact matching furry vests... LOL

Awesome Christmas card idea for a parent gift

How cute are these little guys?!?!  This will be put on the parent gift ornament...super fun and cute.  Thanks pinterest!

Awesome Christmas card idea for parents

I would love to hear how your week was and find out what you have been up on up with Doodle Bugs and tell us all  about it.


Blurt Chart Magic, Freebie and other randomness

Sunday, December 8, 2013

blurting out in the classroom, tips to help and behavior management ideas

I have found a lot of things on pinterest over the years but I have to say the BLURT CHART just might be one of my favorites!!!  I created my own version of course cuz that's what we do...we have to put our own little spin on things.  This year is one of those years where you kinda don't want the year to end.  I have had my fair share of not so easy years so when these come along I hold on  CLING desperately to them!!!!  I have just a couple that LOVE to yell out, blurt out, interrupt, etc.  So I made my very own blurt chart and I wanted to share it with all of you so it's a freebie in my store even. 
I can't even begin to tell you how AWESOME it's working for me.  Can you tell with my caps that I'm serious here?!!?  The sweet little guys and gals that have blurted out in the past literally start to and then cover their mouth with their hand and raise their other hand.  IT's LIKE MAGIC PEOPLE!!!  I feel like Junie B. Jones right now when she's excited about something.  { Did you know the author passed away?  }  Barbara sad  Anyway you need to TRY this asap.  I will tell you it took  a bit of time to make though.  I mean the straight lines with the yard stick and the sticky Velcro backing and making it all line up...ugh!  It was a bit tricky but don't let me talk you out of it because it was all worth it...even though I cut myself by accident and had a bleeding finger ...but don't worry it didn't get on the chart. LOL

How do I use it?
If they blurt out I say blurt chart and they pull off a 'face' and put it in a bucket.  I used numbers instead of names for a few reasons that I have already blogged about {here}...but if they move all 3 they have to move their clip down.  I introduced it last week and I had the best non blurting out week ever!

blurt chart for behavior management help freebie

My hubby's team had a big win last night, I just posted on my fb fan page...if you can guess what title they won for football you can win my 2 new packs:  Put your guess and your email in the comments below:

More elf fun to come this week...Snowflake is very creative and silly!


Reindeer on Parade, a funny and more elf trouble

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Today was crazy!  But I wanted to share a few things with you all...we had the 'curriculum police' come through.  I actually like all of them so I'm not putting them down at all.  But, it is kinda intimidating when they have their clipboards and write down everything you say and all.
They came through my class and 2 others.  They stayed for a LONG time.  I mean at the end I kinda kicked them out with a little subtle hint... I looked up at the clock { even though I knew darn well what time it was } and said, "Oh my boys and girls we need to get ready to go home, school gets out in 2 minutes!"  They got the hint and left.   It was so confusing for the sweet little guys.  I had one little friend ask me all day ~ but Mrs. Moore do our parents know we are packing up early?  Do they know we are going home early?  Uh, we aren't going home early buddy I must have said that about 5 times but he still didn't get it.  Poor guy!  Here's the best part - during the last 2 minutes literally I had a parent pop their head in my back door to ask me a question and the kids were getting antsy inside...finally after the bell rang and the kids are still waiting for me to walk them out a little guy ran up to me as my head was still poked out the door and said, "Mrs. Moore you need to deal with us - it's a ZOO in here!"  LOL I laughed out loud at that really are the best aren't they?!!?  BTW after the observation they came back around to sit in and observe us during our PLC time.  Which is interesting when you only have 1 other team member LOL.
Now back to my elf which you will see/hear a lot about this month...she will be a busy girl.
elf on the shelf ideas

She rigged up a swing and wanted to be added to our word wall - although she has some trouble with letter reversals, I think she needs to listen more.

elf on the shelf ideas

This idea was not was from my sweet and talented friend Sandy over at Soaring Through Second...if you don't already follow her you are missing out!  Snowflake is sadly stapled to the wall..shh!  And wants E to stand for ELF instead of egg.

My reindeer have been a big hit...I even heard one of the Big Wigs say how cute they were...I think the fact that I tied it into Common Core made it extra special.  We turned this craftivity into Informational Writing about real reindeer.  The kids had fun with it.

reindeer craftivity

If you have an elf in your room or home, tell me what you are doing with it...I just may run out of ideas.  I will give my favorite idea my new reindeer craftivity...or if you already bought it during the big sale you can pick something else out.  Ready Go!!


The 'frozen' elf has arrived and currently

Monday, December 2, 2013
The best part of our job besides lovin' on kids has got to be hammin it up and just being an actress/actor.  I have no shame and just get all crazy for my kids.  So...with that being said I asked our principal this year to deliver our her son is in my class this year and I thought it would be so fun for her.  She walked in and told the class a very cold package arrived from the North Pole.  So as you can imagine we had so much fun with are some pics...

My principal walking the package around so the kids could touch it.

reindeer craftivity

We made these cute reindeer craftivities today...they had a blast and we can check off that we hit a CCSS with it.  Boo-yah!  You can grab it here:

I had to get a picture with this sweetie because her shirt today said love your cute is she?!!?

Lastly my currently ~  have been craving hot chocolate for some reason and I have too much gray to deal with right now...ugh!  I am obsessed with our elf and love thinking up things I can do with her each day...I think I am loving it so much because my own precious kids are too old for it so I can enjoy it at school.

Here's where they will find Snowflake tomorrow...each morning they look forward to our helper of the day...Well as you can see she wants to be picked for it.... LOL  What are some things you are doing with your elf this month?  Link on up with Farley and tell us what you are up to.

Oh' boy fourth grade


A peek at my { upcoming } week and the FROZEN elf

Sunday, December 1, 2013
Hi my friends....why does the week off always go so much faster than the work week?!?  And while I'm asking why is this always true too???

So even though I could cry a little because my week of bliss is over I do have to admit I have a bit of giddiness in me too because of that.....ELF!!!!!  That elf is the BEST thing EVER!!!!  Some people hate that poor thing and don't want to hear about it...go figure!

Yep, you sure do!!! LOL

So here is what we are up to this week....

behavior ideas for the holidays

I've got my new monthly behavior incentive all ready to go! The kids will be excited to see it tomorrow. 
My next project I have talked about with my kiddos for about 3 weeks now and I finally MADE it happen.  It took hours to do and I'm not even kidding. { Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little but not really.  Do you know how long it takes to cut out teeny tiny pieces of Velcro...ugh!!  I hope it works for my very small handful of sweeties that blurt out every 5 seconds.  I have made this into a freebie too so click {here} for it.


This sweet little angel  naughty, sneaky friend is back and I can't wait for all the fun we will have!!!!

She's been in the freezer all day getting ready to arrive from the North Pole...shh!  Don't tell!

Brr!  She'll be nice and ready to arrive tomorrow.

I've got my reindeer craftivity all prepped and ready to go...You can cut down scrapbook paper and send it right through the printer if you didn't already know that...

I have decided though to turn it into a CCSS project by taking notes on reindeers and doing an informational writing piece and NO it's not because the district curriculum police are coming to my room...I promise... { kinda! }


And it will just happen to go up on this board in the hallway before they arrive on Wednesday too. :o)

We will also be working on what I call the 'h' cousins - digraphs too
which you can pick up on SALE right now...oh yeah ~ Don't forget the BIG HUGE CYBER MONDAY and TUESDAY sale over at TPT too.

Hope you are all ready for your week.  Tell me what you are up to...