I now crown you 100 days smarter!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

100th day of school

Oh what fun today was at school for the 100th day!  I'm exhausted though...for some reason the 100th day is much more difficult with 30 than it ever was with 20 ~ go figure!
Anywho when they walked in the door they saw this:

100th day of school ideas

I gave you that sneak peek yesterday -- this is how we looked.  * The girls were princesses ~ We made a crown, the girls had a sash
100th day of school ideas

they put 100 tally marks on their sash.  We also made a cheerios necklace and had a crown badge in the center.
 They boys were knights - they made crowns, necklaces and shields.  They put 100 tally marks on their shields.
100th day of school ideas

The boys loved their shields so much.  I attached a piece of paper in the back with a loop so they could wear their shield on their wrist.
100th day of school ideas

{ Here I am with my 5th grade son } As you can see I blinged myself out a bit..with a sequin tank, tiara and blingy jewelry - I don't need much of an excuse to put on one of my big cocktail rings. :o)

100th day of school ideas

I had a last minute snack idea that I let them enjoy ~ just so simple but they liked it.
a pretzel stick and 2 gummy lifesavers to spell out 100.  Of course there's always one goofball  silly, creative first grader that will turn something simple into ....weights?!!? LOL

100th day of school ideas

100th day of school ideas

We also took 100 steps and wrote about where we ended up, we found out how many times we could write our name in 100 seconds.  They couldn't believe I did it 49 times.  We didn't get to drawing ourself at 100 and writing about that - that will have to wait until tomorrow along with our kingdom page - I would want 100 ___________ in our kingdom but I wouldn't want ___________ in our kingdom.  As you can see everything centered around royalty/our kingdom/etc.
It was a blast!  If you are stuck and want to try something new grab this super fun unit - you won't be disappointed!  If you are interested you can grab this pack : here

100th day of school ideas


A little Polar Region Fun

Monday, January 28, 2013
I really LOVE the polar regions and had even more fun developing my unit this year and adding things/tweaking things to make it just the way I wanted it.  I know I'm kinda aging myself with the old school KWL chart but - I think they can still be effective to spark discussions on a new topic.  To get the kids even more motivated than they already were about the topic ~ we made a very cute penguin snack that they went nuts over!!!  It is included in my pack.  Here's the real back story ~ we had library today so I bribed ...gently encouraged them to behave and be extra good during library prep - and if so we would make the snack.  *I was pretty much going to do it anyway*  Shh!  Don't tell - I know you do things like this too...come on' admit it.  Well anyway...
I try to include a snack idea for most of my units and then I always include a response sheet.  They are fun to include in their end of the year memory books along with a photo.
I can't WAIT for tomorrow - the 100th day --- I will be posting about it for sure.  Here's what I hung on our door for tomorrow morning -- remember we will be celebrating like royalty.  I already have my tiara ready!!


A Valentine's Day Unit that is close to my heart

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Hi my sweet friends...I wanted to share a very special unit that I made about a month ago in honor of my precious mom.  My blog title was important to me because I wanted to share about motherhood and some of the traditions my mom had that I'm passing on to my own kids.  I love to keep her legacy alive anyway I can.  She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer Oct. 2, 2006 ~  I lost her April 1, 2007.   6 short months later ~ Devastation!!!  I have 3 older brothers, and I'm the only girl and the youngest.  We were best friends!  I miss her every moment of every day.

I've posted this picture before - it's a favorite.  She was a teacher too and some of my best tricks in the bag are from watching her at her GIFT -  She was an amazing teacher and even more wonderful mother.
Well this 133 page unit was made in honor of her.  I have even included a picture of her at the end of it.  I'm donating 25% of the proceeds to cancer research.  I would love if you would pin it or fb it -- especially if your momma is still around and you can hug her.  It would mean so much to me. 

It's crazy - I was honored as the Featured Teacher of the Day for Education World last year and I was chosen on Feb. 27th - { her birthday } and then after having my products posted for a week on TPT at the end of March -- guess when my first one sold?!?  April 1st..the anniversary of the day I lost her.  I cried when I sold that first one because I know she had something to do with it.  If your mom is here with you still - give her a great BIG HUG!!  Thanks for listening guys and God bless! <3

Someone help a SISTA out please!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Hi everyone...so I've had a website since 2007 and was quite proud of myself for starting to learn some HTML back then.  I'm kinda old... well let's just say not as young as many of you sweet young bloggers I've been meeting.  Anywho - I didn't need to take tons of computer classes in college, I won't say what year I graduated... or even for my masters in 1999 like some of you today.  So I'm in need of some serious help here people.  I have tried everything under the sun to get reply to comments on my blog...and I just can't seem to do it.  I've been pulling my hair out...slightly frustrated with the whole thing.  SO -- here's the DEAL~EO.
If you are very confident and familiar with HTML and to be honest I don't even think this is an HTML issue...as I have repeatedly visited my settings and you are someone who I'm somewhat familiar with from TPT, blogland etc.  I would even be willing to give you my info to get into blogger to see what is WRONG!!!  It might be a clear the cookies or cache issue and I don't EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS???  Am I a sad and pathetic person or what?!?
If you want to help a sister out - let me know in the comments and my gift to you will be any UNIT from my store.
This is how I am feeling right now...advice please...thanks everyone xoxoxox

Linking up ~~~ FASHION FINDS

Sunday, January 20, 2013
So my sweet, talented So. CAL friends over at Fluttering through First Grade are having the funnest  ( is that even a word? )  Sometimes I find myself talking like Junie B.  NO - say it isn't so!! linky that I just had to jump on board with...
Any finds of 2013 are allowed --- school ones too but I'm going just with my FAVE - fashion!
I'm so in love with these I can't stand it...

( from Very Jane )
and I jumped on the bandwagon of these cute bubble necklaces...they seem to be all over but they are super adorable.

I could go on and on ~ but I guess I should stop soon...one more thing I have a super uber creative mom from last year that still bless her <3 makes me these hair thingys that are so adorable.  I just love them!
I just found these and had to add them so I had at least something SCHOOL related because you know that's what I mostly blog about so it might be nice...
- how cool are these for guided reading groups? But wait...I really need to try them cuz some of my sweet ADD , easily distracted kiddos just might start a laser beam/light saber type war and I might lose control of my reading groups.  I'm sure NOTHING like that has ever happened to anyone that's reading this right?!?
OK so what are you waiting for?!?  Head on over to my friends blog and link up --what are your favorites for the new year...


Saturday, January 19, 2013
MLK Jr. is such fun and so important to teach about ~ this year I took a pinterest inspired idea to use in my classroom and it was a HIT with my kiddos.  In the past we have done this:

MLK jr. craft and writing idea, celebrate diversity

MLK jr. craft and writing idea, celebrate diversity

which my wonderful teacher friend Tammy Williams shared with me years ago.  Also this...

  Grab the mini unit { here }

MLK jr mini unit


Bring on the Bling...it's almost the 100th Day

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I love the 100th Day!!! For years we have been dressing up like we were 100 along with our students...and boy have they been creative over the years.

I also had a 'dog-gone' good time when I taught 2nd grade doing the 101st day...

That was my favorite for sure!!!  BUT wait?!?!
I had this idea come to me in the middle of the night...why not BLING it up and have a ROYAL 100th day?!?
A little something like this...

Our 100th day is next week already --- I can't wait to post pics of me with a crown and sash and all blinged up...cuz that's how I roll. :oD
I will take it for sure over the wrinkles that I no longer had to draw on. LOL
What will you be doing for the 100th/101st day???
Pin it for me / like it/ facebook about it - whatever is your MODE of communication and leave me a comment with your email.  I will  randomly be giving 4 of these away by tomorrow night 9 pm PST.

** UPDATE**  WINNERS ~ Thanks for playing along everyone!


FREEBIE time and a FUNNY

Sunday, January 13, 2013
Hi ~  "You just came here...and this is

So here's a freebie and grab it maybe!"
HA! HA!  Can you tell I have a teenage daughter?!?  If you don't get this ask a teenager.  If you do ~ give me a shout out in the comments. LOL...  Enjoy the freebie my friends! <3
I <3 my sweet girl!

Don't you just love the things kids say?!?  They are so honest and have no reservations.  One time when I was teaching first grade BEFORE I had kids the little girl that was first in line patted my bloated ( that time of the month ) belly and said
" Oh, Mrs. Moore why didn't you tell us? ~  You're going to have a baby!!!  I can't wait to tell my mom.  She will throw you a baby bath!"  Well first I was so taken back by the pregnant comment...as we were desperately trying to get preggers and weren't able to at the time!!!!  I knew I couldn't explain bloat and PMS to a 6 year old so I told her I ate a big lunch that day.  Then I asked her about the baby bath and she said her mom throws those parties all the time for her sisters.  LOL  Baby Shower -- I just <3 kids!!!

Hook on up with Charity over at Classroom Freebies if you have one you want to promote....or just go GRAB some for yourself.
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Praise the Lord for HEALTHY KIDS!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Today was a day of celebration and complete
My sweet precious student that has been fighting leukemia since June CAME BACK!!!  It was such an amazing day!  I was nervous ~ like it was the first day of school.  I wanted everything to be more than perfect!  A wonderful educator from Children's Rady's Hospital came up to talk to my students for almost an hour.  She was fantastic!  Then we watched a Charlie Brown video about a little girl with leukemia.  My sweet little K was a pro!  She fit right in and you wouldn't have even known she has never been with us all year.  I had to take a first day picture of course.


She had to take the first day picture even though it's January...it was her first day.

I made her a sign to welcome her back...she's so precious!
I almost cried when I read this...she is so BRAVE!!
We had fun with some of the items from my New Years Pack as you can see.
I feel so honored to be chosen to be her teacher and am so looking forward to the few months I have to learn from her and encourage her.  God is GOOD!!

Go for your dreams in 2013 - my wish for all of you

Saturday, January 5, 2013
Hi friends...as I look ahead to 2013 and I think about the goals I have I want to encourage all of you to...GO FOR IT!

Make a list, write your goals down, nothing is too small or too big.  Don't let fear guide you or get in the way.  2012 was an amazing year!  I started my blog in February and focused only on getting to know other bloggers.  I have had a website since 2007 and through that have received emails from teachers all over the world asking me questions or thanking me for sharing,etc.  Then when I stumbled upon What the Teacher Wants { love ya Rachelle and Natalie } --- I thought WOW - I can share my ideas and get immediate feedback instead of an email or guestbook comment here and there.  It got me thinking...maybe I can do this....will I have enough to say?  Will people even care?

Those are doubts people --- don't let them creep into that pretty or handsome little head of yours.  I had NO idea how to create products - seriously not a clue.  I found a couple key bloggy friends and asked a few questions, played around a bit and viola --- I have myself a little store now.  Who knew?!?!  If I would've let fear, rejection or doubt creep in I wouldn't be where I am now.
I have been so blessed and have been able to do some things I wouldn't have even imagined a year ago.  If I wouldn't have taken this risk I wouldn't have reaped the benefits.  Not to mention the HUGE blessings of bloggy friends I have now. 

Set goals:
*visiting blogs, leaving comments
*maybe you need to set up a facebook page or twitter account
*join Instagram -- it's fun to be friends with other bloggers on a personal level.  I seriously enjoy seeing the outfits some of my bloggy friends post on Instagram - and YES I <3 fashion!!
*commit to spending X amount of hours commenting on blogs/facebook etc. for a week.
*learn something new - how to add a video to your blog or change your blog header
*have BALANCE - don't neglect family to finish that unit you've been working on for a long time. - that unit will still be there tomorrow I promise!  { I need to listen to my own advice sometimes }
*Don't rush it!  Your blog or business will grow in time.
*STOP comparing yourself to others....and don't copy others.  Develop your own style/writing on your blog and your products.
*go to a blogger meet up.  I went to a So. Cal one last year and even though I ended up getting lost and getting there 1.5 hours late - I'm not kidding.  UGH!  I still got to meet wonderful ladies that I admire and love.

I am terrified of heights and just this past week I went on a zip line in Vegas -- I'm so glad I did it.  These are the kinds of things that I'm talking about.  Don't miss out on life because of your fears or insecurities.  You were all meant to do something special and created for a wonderful purpose so get out of the way and let God do his greatness in you!  Welcome to 2013 and keep me posted on how awesome 2013 turns out to be for you!
xoxo - Vicky

** As a gift to  you - for encouraging me through comments etc.  I'm going to give away any 1 item from my store to 2 of my sweet followers.  Leave a comment below - tell me something new you might try in your life in 2013 and I will randomly pick a winner tomorrow. 


Currently ~ Happy New Year Peeps

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Happy New Year my friends!!
Don't forget to hook up with Farley for the new currently.