MLK Jr. is such fun and so important to teach about ~ this year I took a pinterest inspired idea to use in my classroom and it was a HIT with my kiddos.  In the past we have done this:


which my wonderful teacher friend Tammy Williams shared with me years ago.  Also this...
But this year we did this...
I thought it would be fun to have a response page for this egg activity so I just included it in my MLK Jr. unit.  If you purchased it or won one from me recently please go to your my purchases page and re download it.  It's a great activity that gets them thinking.  Enjoy your 3 day weekend and try this out next week. :oD



  1. Hey Vicky,

    I won the MLK unit from you. WOuld it be possible for you to send me the egg page. Does it inlcude the directions or should I copy from the blog and keep it together.

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  2. I would be happy to resend it to you...The new pages are at the end so be sure to just print those. They have included photos/directions too. :o)

  3. Great ideas! I really like the first one with the hands...hadn't seen that before. ;-)

    Teaching Little Miracles

  4. Thanks crystal,
    I love that first one friend is very creative!

  5. I found the card on pinterest and plan on doing it. What did you put inside the card?...Love the egg idea too. I will have to do that!
    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  6. Hi Christy
    I need to figure out how to enable reply to comments - sorry! They wrote about what their dream was in the middle of that. Thanks for poppin in.

  7. I did the Pinterest handprint craft as well. I had my kids write about their dream on the inside too. I thought they would do better with that but they pretty much repeated Martin Luther King Jr's dream. I guess I should be happy with that but I was hoping for more lol!

  8. The egg thing is just great! I love that you are having the kids do a response page to the activity. Smart smart smart. :D

    Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


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