A celebration of life and a SALE

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Today is bittersweet!  It's my beautiful mom's birthday...and if you have followed me for anytime now you know how special she was and how much I miss her.  I was so honored and blessed to be raised by her.  Cancer is so devastating and effects so many.  Just yesterday my little one who just came back for the first time this year from battling cancer gave me a very special gift.  She had some dog tags made and on one side it says Fight like a Girl and the other side has her face sketched into it.  I asked if they had a bunch made and they said only a few and I was one to receive one.  OK - tears!!!!  I felt so honored and am just so happy that I'm her teacher.  What a blessing and an inspiration she continues to be to me.
My mom ~ well I could talk about her forever...what an amazing lady, teacher, wife , mother, daughter and friend.  In honor of her I'm having a sale today...I will continue it for a little bit in the morning tomorrow for my email followers.  Give your mom a hug today for me...that's all I ask in return. xoxox


Sight Word Crowns and some seriously CUTE stuff

Monday, February 25, 2013
I love my new unit(s) ~~~  SIGHT WORD CROWNS.  They turned out soo cute and for each crown I have added a worksheet to go with it to reinforce each word.
sight word crowns

Now for just some CUTENESS!!!  We have several very talented staff members at my school and one of them made these adorable Lorax trees in front of our library.  They are precious.  I think she used foam rollers for the trunks.
Dr.Seuss Read Across America ideas, Lorax trees

What cute things are you up to in your classroom? Share!!

Those kids that leave an imprint on your heart

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
We've all had them...we all know each one by name like they are our very own.  The first one I had was B ~ my first year teaching { about a million years ago LOL } I taught in an inner city.  The class was formed late in the year and it was 98% { spanish speaking }hispanic.  I had 32 first graders with a bilingual aide until 12:30.  The class had been meeting in the multi purpose room until I came 3 days before Halloween.  All the teachers got rid of a handful of students and unfortunately my colleagues didn't give me the straight A, perfect attendance, students.  The had no rules or police 'ing' of who I got.  I had a class full of difficult children I will just shoot straight with you.  No need to beat around the bush!  My camera was stolen by one of the older girls sisters with my engagement photos on it.  My name was engraved on my camera and do you know the principal went to the person's house...demanded to go into her bedroom and found MY CAMERA under her bed with the film all pulled out of it?!?  I don't think nowadays a principal could do that.
Anyway B was sooo special.  He came from a family of 12.  He was one of the worst cases of ADHD I have ever seen even to this day.  He came to school dirty often, etc.  One day when I had duty he gave me a hug (nothing unusual ) he was a BIG hugger.  But what he said is what got me.  He said, Miss McGarvey, " you hug almost as good as my mom, but I can't hug her anymore.  I thought I had read through everyone's cum's and knew she hadn't passed away.  I said why and he said that mirror thing is always in the way.  I haven't hugged her since I was 4.  His mom was in jail.  Oh my goodness.  The tears were just welling up in my eyes under my sunglasses and I made sure to hug him tight every single day!
I have another friend he is G.  I had him several years ago and he was a handful.  I currently work in the same area that I live in so very nice families...no serious issues, etc.  Well this little friend has some things going on in his life as well and the Lord just gives me a soft heart for these guys.  He moved away and when I found out he was back I was soo happy.  I have the priviledge of eating lunch with him every Wednesday.  I bring him a treat from home ( cookie, ding dong, etc. ) and you would think Wednesdays are like Christmas.  He is 10 now and runs up to me every Wed. morning...we're on right Mrs. Moore?  I'll see you at my lunch okay?  I cherish this time with him...he will be starting middle school and I just don't think he gets the attention from his loved ones or teachers that I give him. 
Those kiddos that leave impressions on your heart ~~  You will carry them with you always. 
B is about 24 now...I pray for him and wonder how he is.  Stop and listen to those that might get under your skin sometimes...if you can really see their heart they just want your love.
I know this was a long one but I thought it was appropriate to share on Valentine's Eve Day!  Those kids were put into your class for a reason and they will leave an imprint on your heart ~~~ if you let them in. <3


Randomness about my week

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
<3 <3 <3 It's Valentine's Week and a SHORT week at that...Yes 2 short weeks in a row.  I'm kinda beside myself right now from excitement!!  We have Friday and Monday off.  Whoo-hoo!  <3 <3 <3
I'm kinda excited about the whole 2 short week thing.  So I'm  carefully teaching okay -- CRAMMING in Lincoln and Valentine's Day and /oo/ as in food for phonics.  LOL
This is a fun little recipe I found on one of my favorite all time places - PINTEREST.  So I made this snack for my littles and they will do a snack response sheet to go with it for fun on Thursday.

There are NO NUTS in this...pretzel sticks, valentine plain M&M's, strawberry frosted mini wheats, popcorn drizzled with chocolate and sprinkles, Corn pops cereal -- YUM!
{ found in this HUGE pack }

Our cute Abe Lincoln direct a draws
Don't forget to check these guys out too.
One of my sweet students I had in second grade who is now in middle school brought me a chocolate rose okay now...all at once....AWWW!  How sweet is that?!?
Have a great Valentine's Day my friends.  If you are a mom check out last years { post }...do something really cool for your own sweet kids.



**Flash Freebie** EXTENSION

Monday, February 11, 2013
To all my email subscribers - I didn't realize there was a delay ~~  I'm so sorry - so in honor of you guys { and your emails } I'm extending my flash freebie.  It will start at 4:15 PST ( in a couple minutes ) and go until 6 pm.  DON'T miss it!!  I got several emails...I'm so sorry some of you missed it -- so here is your chance.  I <3 my followers!!!
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Sunday, February 10, 2013
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Thanks guys!!!


aRcTiC AnTicS & giveaway LOVE

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

polar region ideas, printables and art ideas

We've been having a blast learning about the polar regions.  Anchor charts/writing and science experiments along with a penguin snack have topped off our Arctic fun.
polar regions writing, art, etc.
  This unit has 75 pages that will keep your kiddos engaged and learning all about the Polar Regions.  Visit my store by clicking on the picture below:
I forgot to take pictures from our little experiment so this is one from a few years ago - I made a response sheet to go with it so they can reflect on what they learned during the { blubber } experiment.

Polar regions blubber experiment

The experiment to go along with the picture above - the blubber experiment is in my polar pack with directions and a reflection page.

polar regions center ideas and printables

polar regions writing ideas

Polar regions printables, experiments and science ideas

polar regions science response sheets, printables, art, etc.

and LOTS more fun ideas...


Are you READY for some...SHOPPING?!?!

Saturday, February 2, 2013
I'm married to a football coach ~ I REALLY should know more about football.  My dad was inducted into his college Hall of FAME for football a few years ago ~ I REALLY should know football.  Before I began my swimming career I was a cheerleader ( in my defense I was quite young ) for my brother's football team.  HOW do I NOT know much about football?  It's really embarassing and I really shouldn't { go there } but I kinda already did...oh well.
I do know about shopping though and TPT is having a HUGE sale in honor of Super Bowl Sunday so - come on by and check out my shop and spend some of your hard earned cash on the BIG discounts.  Remember to use the code SUPER at checkout.  I'm offering 20% off my products and TPT will throw in some extra so you end up with 28% off your products.  Click the photo below to get to my STORE.

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100th Day Linky and Currently

Friday, February 1, 2013
Hi friends,
   The fun just doesn't stop around here!!!  I was asked to link up with 2 other sweet and wonderful bloggy friends for the 100th day so how could I resist?!?  Join us and tell us ALL about your 100th day.  We would love pictures too - I will pin some for you.  As you know I threw a ROYAL BASH on the 100th day and got all blinged up!  You can read all about it here:
Tell us what you were up to and link on up.

Also ~ you gotta love Currently...is it February already?!?!  Link up with both --- it's a linky party fiesta people!!  Join Irene above { click button } and Farley for Currently - we want to hear from you. :oD