Those kids that leave an imprint on your heart

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
We've all had them...we all know each one by name like they are our very own.  The first one I had was B ~ my first year teaching { about a million years ago LOL } I taught in an inner city.  The class was formed late in the year and it was 98% { spanish speaking }hispanic.  I had 32 first graders with a bilingual aide until 12:30.  The class had been meeting in the multi purpose room until I came 3 days before Halloween.  All the teachers got rid of a handful of students and unfortunately my colleagues didn't give me the straight A, perfect attendance, students.  The had no rules or police 'ing' of who I got.  I had a class full of difficult children I will just shoot straight with you.  No need to beat around the bush!  My camera was stolen by one of the older girls sisters with my engagement photos on it.  My name was engraved on my camera and do you know the principal went to the person's house...demanded to go into her bedroom and found MY CAMERA under her bed with the film all pulled out of it?!?  I don't think nowadays a principal could do that.
Anyway B was sooo special.  He came from a family of 12.  He was one of the worst cases of ADHD I have ever seen even to this day.  He came to school dirty often, etc.  One day when I had duty he gave me a hug (nothing unusual ) he was a BIG hugger.  But what he said is what got me.  He said, Miss McGarvey, " you hug almost as good as my mom, but I can't hug her anymore.  I thought I had read through everyone's cum's and knew she hadn't passed away.  I said why and he said that mirror thing is always in the way.  I haven't hugged her since I was 4.  His mom was in jail.  Oh my goodness.  The tears were just welling up in my eyes under my sunglasses and I made sure to hug him tight every single day!
I have another friend he is G.  I had him several years ago and he was a handful.  I currently work in the same area that I live in so very nice serious issues, etc.  Well this little friend has some things going on in his life as well and the Lord just gives me a soft heart for these guys.  He moved away and when I found out he was back I was soo happy.  I have the priviledge of eating lunch with him every Wednesday.  I bring him a treat from home ( cookie, ding dong, etc. ) and you would think Wednesdays are like Christmas.  He is 10 now and runs up to me every Wed. morning...we're on right Mrs. Moore?  I'll see you at my lunch okay?  I cherish this time with him...he will be starting middle school and I just don't think he gets the attention from his loved ones or teachers that I give him. 
Those kiddos that leave impressions on your heart ~~  You will carry them with you always. 
B is about 24 now...I pray for him and wonder how he is.  Stop and listen to those that might get under your skin sometimes...if you can really see their heart they just want your love.
I know this was a long one but I thought it was appropriate to share on Valentine's Eve Day!  Those kids were put into your class for a reason and they will leave an imprint on your heart ~~~ if you let them in. <3


  1. Thanks for this post! I have a little one that has been soo tough lately and I feel like I've done every strategy in the book...ugh, but at the end of each day, I always stoop to his level and tell him tomorrow is a new day and we can try again. It's funny, no matter how hard I am during the day, he always has a hug for me before he gets on the bus..I hope to get through to him one day soon.


  2. I needed to read this today. This afternoon I was just almost in tears in my principals office about a child like one of these. She was SUPER supportive, but this helped too. Thanks Vicky.

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  3. Love this post! Yes, we've all had them and you never can shake them from your memory. They are definitely the ones you NEVER forget and they manage to tug at your heart. Thanks for sharing this and thanks for following me. I am just getting started in this blogging world and have much to learn, but very excited. I am your newest follower!

    Amanda Bryant
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  4. Vicky, this post was appropriate for Valentine's Day. Often the children that challenge us the most, are the ones who are desperate to gain our acceptance and love. Thanks for the sweet reminder. :)

    I'm proud to be your newest follower!

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  5. So sweet and so true! Thanks for being my new follower. I am returning the favor and the website that I used to make the crayons.

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  6. I've taught in the same school for 7 years. I've had siblings of 5 of my current students. One of them drops his brother off every day and tells him, "Mind Mrs. Frideley today, come home on green." I laugh almost every morning and wink at him...I taught him in 5th grade and I spoke w/his mother weekly. He never turned in his work and he frustrated me soooo bad because I would go out of my way to create and/or find projects he would enjoy (comics/art). I also don't know if he ever got a green all year long!!!
    My 2nd sweetie is now 16 and when he picks his brother up from school he makes it a point to get out of his car, hug me and tell me about his latest report card (never anything below a C). Why is he so special? He got angry at me one day and threw a chair at me - yup!
    I have had multiple students whose parents are in prision and/or jail - those cases break my heart and make me angry. Why couldn't parents make better decisions and think about how their actions will affect their children? I'm sure your hugs helped that little boy.

  7. LOVED reading this Vicky! I teach in a high needs, inner city school and BOY do I have babies like this. Everyday something new breaks my heart.

    Thanks for sharing your story, it was beautiful. And those kids, past and present, are SO lucky to have you--- it is clear you go that extra mile, our kids need that.

    Closing the Gap... in a Cute Outfit!

  8. Loved this post! So true Vicky! Thanks so much for sharing and reminding us about unconditional love and to love those who sometimes seem unlovable but need it the most! Happy Valentine's Day!

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  9. This post was so sweet and touched my heart. Thanks for the loving reminder!


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  10. Oh, Vicky, I want to hug YOU. My eyes are tearing up and my heart is tugged in all directions.

    What a special post.

    We love. We serve. Praise Jesus.

    Hugs - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  11. Great post and great reminder! Sometimes it is so easy to forget, but you are right, those kids have been placed in our classrooms for a reason. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Primarily Speaking

  12. A heart of gold.

    Happy Valentines Day

  13. Ahhh Vicky this is such a sweet post! We forget in the hustle and bustle of our day to day teaching that we truly have the ability to change a life! We've had a few friends over the years where we were the only constant in their life. We had one that we visited in a center because he was removed from his home. :( They are stamped on our hearts forever!
    Thank you for the reminder and Happiest of Heart Days to you!

    ~Christy & Tammy
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  14. Hello! I am your newest follower. I found you on First Grade and Fabulous' Fan Page today. I am looking forward to your future blog posts.

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