Lunch Bunch, Lorax and Leprechaun Fun

Monday, March 4, 2013

Today was a lunch bunch you guys do that with your students?  I have some reward coupons in my treasure chest and they can pick one that says lunch with the teacher - they can pick a friend and I bring a treat!  Shh!  Don't tell the admin -- something like cookies or a cupcake.
lunch bunch reward
They are so cute and always look forward to it.
I had this idea come to me right when I woke up ~  and I can be quite spontaneous almost where it can become a problem.  So I knew BEFORE school I had to go to the store and buy red licorice and some cotton candy.  Really I don't know where I was going to find cotton candy at Ralph's but I was determined to make this cute Lorax snack.  So in the candy aisle -- NOTHING!!!!  So I went to the seasonal Easter aisle -- BINGO!!!  Tubs of the stuff were everywhere in every color you could imagine with cute bunnies on the tubs. SCORE!!!!  This is how cute they turned out and of course I even squeezed in a snack response sheet at 6am this morning.
Dr. Seuss ideas, Lorax snack
Now for the FUN I can't wait to begin....I will be introducing the Leprechaun on the Ledge tomorrow.  He will get into all kinds of mischief kinda like { the ___ on the shelf }
Here are some sample pages they will get to do from my { unit }.
Here is a picture of my friend -- the Leprechaun on the Ledge - his name will be announced tomorrow..
Leprechaun on the Ledge

Be sure to tune in until St. Paddy's day my friends to see what kind of destruction fun this little friend has in my classroom.


  1. I do something similar with my students. I have table points and the winning table every other week (used to be every week for my 1st 8 years of teaching LOL) gets to come and eat lunch with me. I did provide treats at one time, but do not anymore. But...they do get an extended lunch time:) Our lunches are very short in my opinion (by the time that they get their lunch, their have less than 15 minutes to eat it. So, if they earn lunch with me they get to extend their lunch while I do my afternoon read aloud. Last week I had a 3 way tie so we had a picnic on the floor:)
    Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun

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  3. Your snack looks so yummy! I have eat with the teacher reward tickets too! My kiddos love it!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  4. Hi Vicky! I do "eat with the teacher" every other Friday. Funny about the treat - they announced today that the kids were not going to be able to have ketchup and mustard with the corn dog...and they are not longer allowed to use ranch dressing except on salad - not even for dip with carrots and celery, etc. It is just too over the top!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  5. LOVE that idea! I need to make those snacks next year! Can't wait to see what your little leprechaun gets into!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  6. We are laughing at your before school spontaneity...That is so us! We also do Lunch Bunch. So fun!

    Christy & Tammy

  7. how fun are those!?! I've never seen those treats before :)

  8. Love your snack! I can't believe you had time to squeeze in a shopping trip before school. :) Your leprechaun will be a big hit!
    Conversations in Literacy

  9. Love the treats! What a great idea.