Monday, April 29, 2013
Just a quick post to say thank you to everyone for joining in  my BIG giveaway fun!  The winner is...
Congrats Lisa!!!  We will get your prizes off to you before the end of the week. 
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Instagram is being taken over by TEACHERS!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013
How fun is this?!?!?  I <3 Instagram and have found some friends along the way ~~~ BUT....why not have a party parties each week and share classroom happenings, or personal stuff it really doesn't matter.  Just to share and find each other would be a blast!  Join in with our fabulous hosts: Rachelle Smith and Michelle Griffo and find us all hanging out on Tuesdays.  I sometimes snap a picture during reading groups -- SHH!!!  Don't tell.. It's a lot of fun!  Here's my 411 become my follower by clicking this link:
You can link on up to join in - all you need is a smart phone if you aren't sure about Instagram....  Rachelle explains it a little bit in her post . 
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Of course it's often teaching related...#elfontheshelf
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5 for Friday

Friday, April 26, 2013
This has been an amazing week...
It started off with my sweet son earning his Arrow of Light award for cub scouts...the highest honor in cub scouts.
Then we worked on one of my favorite units /or/
here is my original song I kiddos were singing it all week long.
{ I love how they all wrote Mrs. Moore as one of the words }
You can grab this cutie by clicking on the picture below:
We are still working on our rainforest unit...busy, busy, busy!  Here are some of our piranhas!
We made our darling Mother's Day Compacts!!!
and onto some anancondas...that will soon be hanging from vines all over my classroom!

Don't forget how we started the week off --- my 1,000 follower giveaway with Very Jane, Annie Moffatt and Heather Price.  You still have time to enter see post {here}
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5 for Friday

Friday, April 19, 2013
It's been a fun, fast week!  I'm hooking up with Doodle Bugs again for 5 for Friday. 
Let's see what we've been up to...
On Monday I wore my 1/2 marathon racing shirt to school.  It was all over Facebook for runners to unite and wear a race shirt in honor of the victims of the Boston Marathon.  Such a sad, hard week in that regard. :o(
Next we started our unit on the Rainforest...Here is our toucan tree map...of course I added the pretty toucan to it later. :o/
We made these sweet toucans and wrote about them...
I made this fun little unit on Thursday...
Lastly...I  shared this on facebook --- I enjoyed my LAST carnival with my son in elementary school.  Our school had our Spring Fling tonight...we had a blast!
This week FLEW by...hope yours was great too.  Link on up with Doodle Bugs - I'd love to see what you were up to.


Tile Walls and comments

Monday, April 15, 2013
Does your school have a tile wall?  I think most schools do nowadays but I could be wrong.  When our school opened in 1999 we had an indoor one.  I know that's kinda weird but it jazzed the place up a bit.  We are the Jackson Coyotes so here it is..
 It's between the boys and girls bathroom which is kinda strange but you do see it when you walk into the office which is pretty cool.  The notes on the tiles are from families - dedicated to teachers or in honor of their own children.

We also have 2 outdoor ones...the first one we did when Josh was in kinder and his tile is sooo cute!  He is now in 5th and will be leaving our little school.

Here's Mandy's and mine.  Back then Mandy played softball -- now she's a full on volleyball player.  She was in 2nd at the time.  My tile is in honor/memory of my mom.

These are on our pillars as you enter our school.

Then we did this last one last year.  The funny thing is - each one of these walls was done with a different principal...almost like they were each trying to make their mark on our school.  In 13 years we have had 5 principals.

Here's my handprint...Josh and Mandy did one too - Mandy did one as an alumni which I thought was cool.  They invited all students back if they wanted after school to do one.

So I'm you have a tile wall at your school?  I think every school in our district has one at least at the elementary level. 
Now for comments --- my hubby makes fun of me { lovingly of course } and  has nicknames for my blog stuff.  The first time I went to a bloggy meet up he joked about me going out to lunch with complete strangers.  He calls it my bloggy - blog friends.  Anyway I'm being inundated with spammy comments and it's driving me a little crazy to say the least.  He keeps saying Babe - you've made it - you are getting spam daily!  Yep you are 'big' now.  Whateves right?!?!  I'm thinking of going to moderated comments.  So if your comment doesn't show up right away I will post it soon I promise.  Do you guys just check daily and delete?  I don't care for the prove you aren't a robot thingy but I guess it would scare them off a bit.  Ideas???
One last thing I couldn't post today without reminding all of us to keep Boston and everyone involved in our prayers.  Hubby is from Boston so it hits close to home....


Five For Friday

Friday, April 12, 2013
Whoo-hoo!  This week flew by!!  It was our first week back from spring break and jam packed I tell you! 
 We had fun cramming in our last of our ocean habitat and now we are moving on to the rainforest...that just might be my fave!
This is how my week started off....

This is what we were up to at school...
We made these cute sharks and this little angel wanted to make a girl one so I said, " Why not?!?! "
We also made these cuties...last year I had them on the larger plates but this year we moved up to 30 students so I thought I could make more room if I had them do them on the smaller worked out perfectly.
** WARNING** Shameless plug inserted {here}.  Some of these things are from my ocean unit that was just featured in the newsletter so if you want it swing on by.
So there you have it -- My first picture counts as 2 so there are my five things.
I loved being back and seeing my littles.  They are each so precious in their very own way.  How was your week?


Who knew you could make inflectional endings fun?!?!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
School should be fun { period } or exclamation point really!!!  When I was kid - a while ago school was really fun.  There were no 'curriculum cops' stalking , writing down every stinkin' thing the teacher said...there were no standards...I know...oh the horror!  We had these crazy popcorn parties often let me tell you and give me a HOLLA if you remember this friends from the 70's but we would have an awful named drink called 'suicide drink'.  It had a bit of Dr. Pepper, a bit of Sprite, some Cola, maybe a dash of orange soda.  WHAT?!?!?!  WERE?!?!?  WE?!?!?!  THINKING?!?!?
but it's true we had these kinda parties when we should have been having effective instructional minutes going on right people?!?!?
Obviously I'm poking fun at how education has changed over the years...I'm excited to implement the common core next year don't get me wrong.  Parties like those would contribute to obesity, etc. I get it...but sometimes I feel guilty or like I'm going to get 'caught' if we are having fun and it's obvious in my fishbowl classroom made up of all windows to the entire universe around me.  For real - you should take a field trip to my classroom.  It's almost all windows.  Anywho -- I digress.
So I try in little ways like the rest of us to make school fun without having a full on classroom rager.  Elf on the Shelf, Leprechaun on the Ledge, little reward incentives, fun educational type games, etc.  Well some things aren't quite as fun to teach as others...for instance inflectional endings.  But.......if you use a theme to teach it ---well sometimes that can help a bit.  Thanks to the requests a 2nd pack was born...
My kids loved my 2 packs on these are some pics.
Click {Pack 1}to take you there
Click {Pack 2} to take you there.

This is the best I've got for sprucing up the lesson a bit..LOL  One year actually - my first year teaching when my hubby   and I were engaged.  He jumped over the fence when we  were out playing kickball with a cape and a zero on his shirt...he was  zero the hero on like the 50th day of school.  The things we do for our sweet littles. :o)  It just makes me smile. 


Back to School and Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Monday, April 8, 2013
True Random Number Generator 17 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

True Random Number Generator 19 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Even though the max number says 100 I ran it as 23 and this crazy stupid random number generator keeps showing up as 100 - whateve!

Yay to the winners!!  Thanks everyone for playing along and joining in my celebration!!!  The winners are #17 and #19.  I will be sending you an email shortly with all 5 units...Hip hip hooray!!!
Going back to school today was awesome!!!  It was so nice to see those cute little faces again.  One of the  district curriculum cops big wigs was on campus today and going around to the rooms.  I had the BEST lesson going on ---- my kids were engaged, interacting with coins using manipulatives and white boards.  I was giving immediate and specific feedback and monitoring and adjusting all over the place and GUESS WHAT!?!?!  I had library prep and missed the quickie observation...they walked right past my room on my way back from dropping those kidlings off.  Oh well -- It's all about the kids anyway right?!?!
Hope your week is wonderful too. :oD

Giveaway Time

Sunday, April 7, 2013
*fine print { Zip-A-Dee-Doh-Dah } graphics and Fancy Dog Studio deserve credit for above graphics*
Well I head back to school tomorrow...I enjoyed my 2 weeks off but am ready to see those sweet smiling faces again.  Also I know the countdown to summer has officially begun...YAY!
So it's been a really great weekend because....
this happened...
I got a brand new 2013 Ford Explorer!  My 2002 mini van bit the dust last week I blogged about it {here}.  But anywho it was very exciting to say the least...and I woke up this morning after that big purchase that made me kinda nervous and what do you know I made it in the newsletter..My Ocean Unit.  Yipee! 
 So as you can see it is definitely time to break out the wine - celebrate bloggy style with a little ole' giveaway.  So you will get ALL the items in the first picture above... and not 1 but 2 of you will
so - Here's what you need to do...
*go to my store and pin a few items if you like, pick an item to facebook about whatever you choose. 
*If you haven't liked me on facebook please do and you will get 2 chances. 
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*If you haven't followed me on tpt be sure to for an extra chance.  Once you get to my store click the red star to follow me.  Click apple below... 
*Tell me what you did in the comments - be sure to add a comment for each extra thing you did
and I will pick a winner tomorrow late so my email subscriber friends can join in on the fun.  God is good!!!


Currently and Mother's Day is JUST around the CORNER...

Friday, April 5, 2013
Oh...currently how do you always get here so fast each month?!?!?!  I'm really trying to make time stand still since the end of the year is quickly approaching and this mama doesn't want her baby boy moving on from her elementary school to middle school.  Eeek!!!
Be sure to hook up with Farley { here } to join in the fun.
So don't hate me but yes I have really been off for 2 whole was awesome!!!  But back to reality so we are all gearing up in the house to go back.  { Hubby teaches too } but only had one week off. 
Well today my van is time to put it in the van graveyard and say our goodbye's.  We bought it when Josh was born and he's now 11.  It had almost 120,000 miles on it and started making really strange noises.  The best was yesterday when I seriously saw a guy do a double take when I pulled up at the light and gave me my car ~ well I don't really know who a very dirty hey lady take care of this piece of cra#.  Seriously you are driving this right now down the road in public?  Well that's how I felt...
Going down my cul-de-sac I seriously tried to just coast in cuz when I put on the brakes the car doesn't make a noise.  Yeah, I looked like a real dork doing that cuz our cul de sac is really long-- just sayin'.
So - there you have it we are getting a new car tomorrow.  For some reason things like this don't get me excited at all.  They make me nervous and kinda stress me out and I'm actually a very easy going person.  I don't care for big purchases unless someone else is paying for them. LOL 
That voice in the back of your mind saying - what if I lose my tenure unexpectedly and so does my hubby and we are on the street.  Like that is logical - but still my brain goes there for some reason.
Anywho - I will post pictures....  It will be a Ford - Uncle Pryce can really hook us up with an amazing deal at the Ford dealership so maybe a Flex or an Explorer.  I know, I know the FLEX is a rectangle on wheels and you either love it or hate it but for some reason I'm in the love it camp for that one-- go figure! 
Gosh, I was kinda long winded today --- wish us luck my friends...
OH YEAH - just when I was going to click PUBLISH I noticed the title of my post...DUH!  Mother's Day is coming and I made a little somthin' somethin' that I kinda like and wanted to share.  I thought of it about 4 months ago and just got to it this week.  It's a mother's day compact with a little mirror ( aluminum foil or shiny wrapping paper ) on top.  It actually really looks like a compact and it's a little card/craftivity thingy.  Tell me what you think...

Random Winner and honoring mom

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Well yesterday was special indeed...we went to the beach and carried on our tradition of releasing balloons in her honor with messages on them.  Here are a few pictures from our day. <3
Thanks for letting me share :o) I was so touched by everyone's comments about the special people in your life...thank you! 
True Random Number Generator 12 Powered by RANDOM.ORG
My random number generator was Laura N. you are my lucky winner of 6 items from my store.  I'm so happy to do this in honor of my mom so please visit {here} and shop away.  Send me an email at and I will get them off to you.