Tile Walls and comments

Monday, April 15, 2013
Does your school have a tile wall?  I think most schools do nowadays but I could be wrong.  When our school opened in 1999 we had an indoor one.  I know that's kinda weird but it jazzed the place up a bit.  We are the Jackson Coyotes so here it is..
 It's between the boys and girls bathroom which is kinda strange but you do see it when you walk into the office which is pretty cool.  The notes on the tiles are from families - dedicated to teachers or in honor of their own children.

We also have 2 outdoor ones...the first one we did when Josh was in kinder and his tile is sooo cute!  He is now in 5th and will be leaving our little school.

Here's Mandy's and mine.  Back then Mandy played softball -- now she's a full on volleyball player.  She was in 2nd at the time.  My tile is in honor/memory of my mom.

These are on our pillars as you enter our school.

Then we did this last one last year.  The funny thing is - each one of these walls was done with a different principal...almost like they were each trying to make their mark on our school.  In 13 years we have had 5 principals.

Here's my handprint...Josh and Mandy did one too - Mandy did one as an alumni which I thought was cool.  They invited all students back if they wanted after school to do one.

So I'm curious...do you have a tile wall at your school?  I think every school in our district has one at least at the elementary level. 
Now for comments --- my hubby makes fun of me { lovingly of course } and  has nicknames for my blog stuff.  The first time I went to a bloggy meet up he joked about me going out to lunch with complete strangers.  He calls it my bloggy - blog friends.  Anyway I'm being inundated with spammy comments and it's driving me a little crazy to say the least.  He keeps saying Babe - you've made it - you are getting spam daily!  Yep you are 'big' now.  Whateves right?!?!  I'm thinking of going to moderated comments.  So if your comment doesn't show up right away I will post it soon I promise.  Do you guys just check daily and delete?  I don't care for the prove you aren't a robot thingy but I guess it would scare them off a bit.  Ideas???
One last thing I couldn't post today without reminding all of us to keep Boston and everyone involved in our prayers.  Hubby is from Boston so it hits close to home....


  1. Wow those tiles are amazing! We don't have anything like that, so we are only personalized when their work is out there- how sweet to have your Littles hands there all the time!
    Going Nutty!

  2. Love the idea of a tile wall! Memories!

    Kimberly Ann

  3. I wish we had a tile wall. That's gorgeous! You know, I HATE entering in the robot code. It makes me not want to leave comments. I get spam comments daily and read them on my email, but when I log in, blogger has deleted most of them??? I saw that Lori Rosenberg (I think) made her commenting only available to followers. That seems to have cleared up her spam. Just a thought!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  4. Those tile walls are incredible! We don't have anything like it... we have one small brick wall with company and adult names on the bricks because they donated money to something. Not the same as hallways and entrance ways full of kids hand prints.

    I've kind of got one in my classroom- I just thought I could expand it and make my own "tile wall"

    At the moment the borders on my back wall are quite thick black paper covered in white hand prints from my first class 3 years ago...I could definitely create a "tile wall" of my own that kids put their hand prints on and sign at the end of each year. It'd be awesome!

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  5. We do not have a tile wall... but I want one. LOVE the blues and greens in the one wall. Beautiful!

  6. Those tile walls are beautiful! Our principal had talked about getting one for our school a while back, but we haven't heard about anything since. Are they expensive? How do you pay for them? I would love to do one at our school!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  7. I loooove the tile walls. We don't have those at our school but I just may show my principal :)

  8. Those blue and green tiles are great. (We don't have one at my school.)

  9. We don't have one at our school but we do it as a 5th grade fundraiser at my kids' school to help with the cost of their outdoor ed trip.

    LOVE the blue and green wall. The colors are gorgeous and so calming. Makes it feel so tropical and peaceful... And love the tribute to your mom. She has an amazing daughter!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

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