5 for Friday

Friday, May 31, 2013
Five for Friday is always fun linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching...
So here is my week:
We celebrate Teacher appreciation week this week due to testing and I was spoiled....love that!
First up
I got my new blog design as most of you already know...what fun that was!


Monday morning I was greeted with this darling poster for Teacher Appreciation Week...so sweet!

Then on Tuesday a flower lei from my room mom <3
Next up the 5th Grade Walk of Honor...a wonderful tradition at my school where the teachers line up on the red carpet and the 5th graders walk down it to the graduation music.  They give all the teachers they had a flower and we have a quick moment to hug them and wish them well.  This one was kinda emotional ok REALLY emotional since my own sweet son is a 5th grader.
Lastly a sweet gift from my class to finish off the week, a bouquet of handprints and gift cards with gardening supplies...
How was your week?  Tell me all about it and link on up.



New Blog Design and Parent Gifts --- 8 MORE DAYS!!!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013
I'm so beyond thrilled with my new blog design...isn't it DARLING?!?!  Seriously it was just what I imagined and even better!  Honey Bunch Blog Designs did a fantastic job and not to name drop but....they also did Deanna Jump's blog -- Hello! :o)
But seriously they work so closely with you to get it just right and incorporated my sweet heart with a cross that is a symbol my mom put on our notes, cards, letters etc. so it means the world to me.  Those of you who know Nikki at Melonheadz can tell I'm sure that she created that beauty!  Make sure to visit Erika, Misty and Nikki if you are in need of a blog redesign.

How cute is this too - they showcase each new blog they design and add a little blerb ( is that a word?!? ) about you...love that extra added touch. <3
I have eight days left so I'm wrapping things up...report cards are done and I'm working on my parent gifts.  Of course it was a pinterest find...a cute holder for note pads.  I will add the matching note pads tomorrow to go right on top of the white background.  How sweet are these?  I don't know if  it's a blessing or a curse that I only had to make 2.  I could've used more help this year...however - this sure beats the year I had to make 14 parent helper gifts. LOL
{It's hard to tell but the one on the left has a matching letter for her first name on it under the raffia }  Also I have some scrapbook modge podged clothespins at school that DON'T match these but they sure would be cute if you got them to match rather than just the plain ones.
What do you do for your parent helpers and kids for that matter...that is next on my list...student gifts.  Happy {ALMOST} summer y'all! xoxox
Tell me what you think of my blog too. :o)

Summer Bucket List Linky

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Well ~ it's almost here folks I can't believe how FAST this year went by!!  I will miss my precious little ones very much.

So I have joined up with Hadar, Teri and April to share my SUMMER BUCKET LIST!!!!

Here ya go...

First: REST UP/revisit some old {school} products that I made early on and update them a bit. 

Big ol' volleyball tournament in Anaheim for 4 days in a hotel and the team hitting up Disneyland right out of the gate.

Then heading up to beautiful Big Bear for the McGarvey Family Reunion we have every year.  This year we will be there over the 4th and our cabin looks right over the lake where they will be shooting off fireworks...should be AH mazing!!!

Next up...fit in my yearly tradition of swimming 100 miles. :o)

Now this is where it becomes all about MY lovely daughter...
We are headed to Disneyworld and Daytona Beach in July - she is soo excited.  We went when she was 7 but now she says she will go on the scary rides...whateves...to be honest Scott and I wanted to go to Hawaii but they won out.  Not sure how that happened.. :0/
Josh is excited too so we will have fun.

How cute are they?  Can you tell my son was a bit excited?!?!  { 6 years ago }

Now onto a 1Direction Concert!!!!!  Yes - my hubby hooked her up for her 13th bday in November and she was BESIDE herself.  She gets to bring 3 friends...LUCKY GIRL!!!!

Fill in trips to the beach, BBQ's and visit with friends and you have a recipe for a wonderful summer!  Hope yours is great too friends!!

Link on up with my blogging buddies to join in the fun.  I want to hear all about your summer too...

P.S. If you didn't see my comment on the previous post the winners are Robin and Wendy.  I just need Robin's email...thanks guys for playing along.


End of the Year and did I say...{ Freebie ?!? } and mini giveaway!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Wow I can't believe it...I have 10 more teaching days left.  This year was awesome!  I love my kiddos so much - all 30 of them!  It was a HUGE transition going from 20 to 23 then all the way { and believe me that was quite a stretch } to 30.  But, they are each so special and unique and we've had a blast together!  Since I have taught 2nd and 3rd grade for a few years each I tend to think that I'm an expert ~ ha, just kidding...maybe not but I know enough to have made some end of the year packs for those grades....so check them out. 
Here's one for first grade hot off the presses!
Of course I still have last years pack that is super fun giving you specific activities to do each day that last week.
Here's the freebie that's been updated just this week too...enjoy!
***So...leave me a comment first about which pack you would like then what you liked best about this class or this year.  I will pick 3 lucky winners tomorrow.***  Happy { almost } summer!



Five For Friday { Weekend Edition }

Saturday, May 18, 2013
I have been sick as a dog...ugh!  Open House, my bestie flew in from Australia and our big field trip to the Wild Animal Park on Monday.  YIKES!!  Can you say summer vacation?!?!
Here are some pictures from Open House...we had a blast!  In first grade we showcase the habitats we have studied about all year...

Of course I had to enjoy my son's last open house at my school...
His King George project
{ 2 art projects - to frantically casually prepare for Open House }
Prepping for our desert cactus project
{ Epsom Salt and green tempura paint }
Painting our desert sunsets
Ta-duh!  Add a cute tissue paper flower in the corner.
{ 3 Rachel's Rally }
While holding the 'links of kindness' Josh found one I wrote to our custodian. :o)
All the southern schools in my district held a Rachel's rally in honor of Rachel Scott ( from Columbine ) and it was amazing.  Those huge piles are links of kindness that the feeder schools wrote throughout the year.  The kids and staff carried them into the event on the high school field...it was amazing!
{ 4 BESTIE }
My bestie from Australia came in -- whoo-hoo!  We had a blast catching up.
{ 5 Testing/testing/testing...is it summer yet? }
{ 5 1/2 }
That's all friends...and I know that was a lot!!!
Don't forget to link on up over at Doodle Bugs Teaching to join in.



Stock up ~~ we are celebrating you!!! ~~ and a giveaway to my one of my 'shoppers'

Monday, May 6, 2013
I am so excited to celebrate with you my teacher friends!!!  The BIG sale is tomorrow and Wednesday - so don't miss out.  Stock up on end of the year items and items you might need for the beginning of next year too.  I have TONS of new items too.
Just for a little fun!!!  If you are a 'shopper' at my store I will give 2 products away to the person who ends up buying the most products from me at the sale.  I know a certain clipart seller that I will be stocking up my cart with so maybe you have some things on your wishlist of mine.  If you end up purchasing the most during this sale I will reward you with 2 products OF YOUR CHOICE!!!
So go shopping it's 30% off which is awesome and enjoy my friends. Thank you for supporting me and I hope you love all your products!!!  Happy Teacher Appreciation to you!!!!

5 for Friday

Friday, May 3, 2013
Gotta love 5 for Friday!!!  It was such a fun week.  We studied one of my favorite phonics skills /ar/...so of course we had our pirate hooks ready to go and wore them on our way home.
Click the picture to see my unit...
We also did a little more work on our rainforest habitat...here is an adorable rainforest monkey...not in my unit but super cute!
We also did a little celebrating of Cinco de Mayo today...some tortilla chips, guacamole and fun activities...
These cracked me up...what they would do if they ate a hot pepper...

My sweet ex student was a mystery reader today...so much fun!
Lastly we tried to wrap up our 'people' habitats.  Every child is part of one of our habitats for open house...I'm not quite finished with this part yet.  Some are inuit people, desert people, safari people, scuba divers - I think that's it.  Here's one of our cute swimmer girls.  Hope your week was fun too...what were you up?  Link on up and share over at Doodle Bugs.