5 for Friday

Friday, May 31, 2013
Five for Friday is always fun linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching...
So here is my week:
We celebrate Teacher appreciation week this week due to testing and I was spoiled....love that!
First up
I got my new blog design as most of you already know...what fun that was!


Monday morning I was greeted with this darling poster for Teacher Appreciation Week...so sweet!

Then on Tuesday a flower lei from my room mom <3
Next up the 5th Grade Walk of Honor...a wonderful tradition at my school where the teachers line up on the red carpet and the 5th graders walk down it to the graduation music.  They give all the teachers they had a flower and we have a quick moment to hug them and wish them well.  This one was kinda emotional ok REALLY emotional since my own sweet son is a 5th grader.
Lastly a sweet gift from my class to finish off the week, a bouquet of handprints and gift cards with gardening supplies...
How was your week?  Tell me all about it and link on up.



  1. Vicky,
    You are most definitely a wonderful teacher! I can tell from all the appreciation you were shown this past week! I know it made you feel super special. I am sure you deserved it all!

  2. I love the fifth grade walk!!

    Crystal Shepherd
    The lamppost in 1st grade math

  3. What a wonderful tradition! The students and teachers must look forward to this all year. I love that idea!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. Thankd for stopping by and following my blog. I love the idea of the fifth grade walk. I'm now your newest follower.

    Teacher of Scholars

  5. Love the new blog design! That's something I want to tackle this summer... We will see :)

  6. Thanks for finding me so I could find you! Your blog is really great. I am a new follower. :) Enjoy your babies now, as you know they grow up in a blink of an eye. Mine are 23 and 21 and it really does seem like yesterday they were just starting school. :(
    Preschool Wonders