Five For Friday { Weekend Edition }

Saturday, May 18, 2013
I have been sick as a dog...ugh!  Open House, my bestie flew in from Australia and our big field trip to the Wild Animal Park on Monday.  YIKES!!  Can you say summer vacation?!?!
Here are some pictures from Open House...we had a blast!  In first grade we showcase the habitats we have studied about all year...

Of course I had to enjoy my son's last open house at my school...
His King George project
{ 2 art projects - to frantically casually prepare for Open House }
Prepping for our desert cactus project
{ Epsom Salt and green tempura paint }
Painting our desert sunsets
Ta-duh!  Add a cute tissue paper flower in the corner.
{ 3 Rachel's Rally }
While holding the 'links of kindness' Josh found one I wrote to our custodian. :o)
All the southern schools in my district held a Rachel's rally in honor of Rachel Scott ( from Columbine ) and it was amazing.  Those huge piles are links of kindness that the feeder schools wrote throughout the year.  The kids and staff carried them into the event on the high school was amazing!
{ 4 BESTIE }
My bestie from Australia came in -- whoo-hoo!  We had a blast catching up.
{ 5 Testing/testing/ it summer yet? }
{ 5 1/2 }
That's all friends...and I know that was a lot!!!
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  1. You open house looks great! We don't have one at my school, but it certainly looks like a great event! Maybe next year :)

    I hope you are feeling better... have a great weekend!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  2. Your room looks great! I love my Erin Condren planner :)
    First Grade Dual

  3. Busy, busy. I here you! 3 more days for us. :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles

    P.S. Had to look up Erin Cronden planners - that looks great!

  4. Love the kindness chain! Such a great idea!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  5. So I am officially ordering my first ever Erin Condren planner!! They are all so adorable! I've never heard of her until I read your blog this morning. I might have a new addiction here. :)

  6. I'm officially purchasing my first ever Erin Condren planner! I had never heard of her until I read your blog this morning. Everything there is absolutely adorable, brightly colored, and happy. I think I might have a new addiction. :)

  7. I saw you today with your kiddos at the Animal Park! I was there with my daughter's school. We were waiting right in front of your group for the tram ride. I wanted to butt in and say hi, but then also wanted to maintain some civility! I hope your kiddos enjoyed it...I ended up with a sick daughter at the end...guess the heat was too much for her today. :( Enjoy the rest of the year!