Stock up ~~ we are celebrating you!!! ~~ and a giveaway to my one of my 'shoppers'

Monday, May 6, 2013
I am so excited to celebrate with you my teacher friends!!!  The BIG sale is tomorrow and Wednesday - so don't miss out.  Stock up on end of the year items and items you might need for the beginning of next year too.  I have TONS of new items too.
Just for a little fun!!!  If you are a 'shopper' at my store I will give 2 products away to the person who ends up buying the most products from me at the sale.  I know a certain clipart seller that I will be stocking up my cart with so maybe you have some things on your wishlist of mine.  If you end up purchasing the most during this sale I will reward you with 2 products OF YOUR CHOICE!!!
So go shopping it's 30% off which is awesome and enjoy my friends. Thank you for supporting me and I hope you love all your products!!!  Happy Teacher Appreciation to you!!!!

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  1. Hey,
    I bought two of your items today. I got the National Symbols and Presidential Printables Pack. I love all of your stuff!
    Have a great week!