Monday Made it on Saturday * EARLY *

Saturday, July 20, 2013
{ I was trying to schedule this post and my computer got all crazy...I will try to link this post up on Monday but here it is early }
Hi everyone!  So the countdown to school is slowly beginning and I'm on my last vacay of the summer with my family.  This is coming to you { sorta } via Florida.  We are hitting up Disneyworld - all the parks and Daytona Beach to see family.  Anyways I'm here to share my projects with you....not my vacation plans. :o)
The last few days I have been busy packing and cleaning ~ creating one last unit and making things for my classroom and believe it or not I fit in packing and cleaning too.
I think most of you know I'm switching to an owl theme this year so I made this really cute guy:

After posting this on instagram I received emails asking for a tutorial so  here it is:
 I got lucky with the lantern I bought it for my daughter's room many years ago and it was an extra in a pack. 
** First I put the ears on ~ I just cut triangles and made them extra long.  I folded the bottom to wrap against the top rim of the lantern underneath and added modge podge for glue...normally I would've used my glue gun but I ran out of sticks!  Oh the horror!!! LOL
Next I traced a large spool of ribbon for the first layer of the eye.  The second layer { black part } I just drew and cut out.
Then I cut out wings...I just drew those as well and put glue only along the top to put onto my owl - almost at eye level on each side.
Here she is...
I was also busy working on some other things:
I had to change my yellow/grey and black clothespins for displaying work --- to brighter colors for my owl room.  Washi tape to the much easier than when I made the original set.  I used scrapbook paper and mod podge and it got soo messy. 
{ Do you know the secret about hot gluing a tack to the back to push right into your wall?!? }
Next up:
My mom used to write message to her students { like rebus stories }.  So of course I carried on this tradition.  Each Monday my students will be greeted with a message like this from me to hopefully encourage and inspire them.  Sometimes it's a stretch but they have fun with it like -- bee + leaf = believe. Above the left picture is You are a super star. (  The  needs a turn/had a turn project above the chevron frame I will talk about that more with my room set up in a few weeks. )

I just keep finding things on sale - it's hard to walk away from a good deal. :o)
Link on up

The last thing I have squeezed in is a set of k-2 first day packs.

Ok that's it folks!  I will see y' all when I get back. <3



Teaching Spacing with Spaghetti and Meatballs

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I have decided to link on up with Michelle over at Fabulous in First for her Sunday Smorgasboard... First I want to share my anchor chart and fan freebie...

I'm sure many of you have heard of his's nothing I thought up.  I've seen it several times here and there.  It is a super fun and creative way to teach proper spacing to your students.
I made this anchor chart to get started and we made chef hats too.
anchor chart for teaching proper spacing for printing, help for kindergarten and preschool

How cute would they be in their chef hats practicing printing?!?  It's such a great motivational tool and they remember it for like ever....who doesn't want that as a teacher?!?!

Just because I love my fans so much ~ I'm putting my spacing unit  { one of my first units } in my store for FREE until tomorrow my email followers be sure to grab it.  I'm leaving plenty of time for you too.  It's perfect for the younger ones and great for the beginning of the year.  So head on over to my TPT store and grab it and.....leaving some love would sure make my day <3!!

teaching spacing in writing

Check it out my friends...and happy teaching!!! { It's never too early to start thinking about next year }

Next my random post about my new luggage that I am absolutely in LOVE with...hubby totally scored on this one.  I don't share this a lot but I am obsessed with giraffes so this is just amazing to me.

 and my last random bit ~~  this came in the mail this week from a giveaway I won from Run! Miss Nelson's got the camera!

Is this not the cutest thing ever!??!  I totally lucked out on this one.  Tell me about your week, products, vacations, purchases's a smorgasboard remember and don't forget to link on up..


A little Throwback Thursday action...

Thursday, July 11, 2013
When I first saw that Cara was doing a Throwback Thursday linky I knew just what I wanted to reminisce about....not just because it was one of my most popular posts but because I didn't even DO IT last year at all!!  { insert sad face here }  I think the shock of going up to 30 students threw me for the biggest loop last year that some things got thrown to the way side.  So as I repost this oldie but a goodie I will remember how great it was and be sure to include it again this year into my classroom...Introducing the FANCY SCHMANCY behavior desk....

Here's one of my sweeties that earned it that year...working hard!
So...we all love what we do and are very blessed to be in this profession -- however...sometimes we need to add some tricks into our teacher bag ( even after 18 years of teaching ).  I have moved my desks around more this year than I have in probably 10 years of teaching...nothing seems to be working.  CHATTY bunch that just seems young and needs lots of reminders.  So what else can I do?!?  Well one night around 3 am LOL like most of us an idea came into my head and I knew I had to try it.  I call it the FANCY desk.  It has streamers and all new supplies ( markers, colored pencils, new erasers, a comfy pillow to sit on, etc. )  I introduced it and the first day they were so excited -- It worked GREAT!!!  They continue to be excited with it and it's been about 3 weeks in now.  I just want to update the poster on it with my new cricut and it will be all set.  Until then I had to share a photo.  I try to pick a child every hour during the day.  They all want to sit there so they are motivated throughout the day which is key.  They get to sit there, be comfy and use all the new supplies.  Then I tell them I'm keeping my eye on them to see who will sit there far so good.  Tell me what you think...what are some other ideas that come to you in the middle of the night. :o)
** The summer after I did this for my students ~ I cute 'ified' the poster that hangs there and used my cricut to make it waaay more adorable.  Anywho since I WILL be using it again this year I will be sure to post a picture of it all done correctly.** find room in my class now that I have more students...that's my next challenge.
Link on up with sweet Cara ~ I can't wait to see what you are revisiting.


Show your Stuff Linky

Sunday, July 7, 2013
I still can't believe that it's July and before I know it I will blink and my summer will be over.  I just got back from a beautiful family reunion vacation in Big Bear ~ a beautiful mountain community in Southern California for all my friends that aren't familiar with it.  We are headed to Florida soon and then I will be getting my room ready after I thought it was very appropriate to hook up with my sweet friend Christina for her Show your STUFF Linky.  I had the chance to meet my principal for coffee in Big Bear because I knew she was up there the same time and we had fun catching up.  She was surprised I was thinking about school but you know how we's always on our mind right?!?!  Especially if it involves cute d├ęcor.  LOL
So as most of you know I'm switching from a bee theme to an owl theme.  I've discovered that owls are very 'in' right now and I kinda feel like I'm jumping on the owl bandwagon but I promise I'm not.  I was a busy bee for 8 years!! :oD
Here are some fun pics of what I have stashed for the fall.
Lantern { Hobby Lobby }, owl bookends { Michael's }, owl storage box { Target }, turquoise crate { Target } - I will add a chevron ribbon through the holes to make it look much cuter...

Chevron storage boxes with flowers { Michael's clearance }, Owl notebook { Target }

Cute stuffed owl { boutique }, glitter clothespins see {here}
Owl hooks { Michael's clearance }
I still need a cute classroom rug, lamp and my mom in law is covering 2 chairs for me and making new owl chair pockets for me so you will see those soon I hope.  Also I'm updating my cute crate seats for my guided reading table as well.  I want to see what you are spending your money on so link on up and share. :o)



Currently and what's going on...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Hi my friends!!!  It's summer - and I never seem to know what day of the week it is....and I don't care!  LOL  YAY for summer!
So I am FINALLY getting to currently for JULY!!!  Link on up with Farley {here}
So I have been a busy bee this summer revamping and creating new products - I'm having so much fun with it.  Here's my newest - I love my cover page. :o)
* I think I will make a series of these for math, etc. *
Just for fun here is a picture of a little Monday Made It on Tuesday..
No need to make a mess with glue and glitter and sticky fingers!  Ugh!  I'm sure I would be finding glitter in my carpet for weeks...  I just discovered glitter tape - it's so AWESOME!!!  Just peel and stick - seriously it IS that easy!
Greatest invention ever!  It came with a TON of colors to use too from Michael's.... Don't forget to use your teacher coupon. :o)