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Sunday, July 7, 2013
I still can't believe that it's July and before I know it I will blink and my summer will be over.  I just got back from a beautiful family reunion vacation in Big Bear ~ a beautiful mountain community in Southern California for all my friends that aren't familiar with it.  We are headed to Florida soon and then I will be getting my room ready after I thought it was very appropriate to hook up with my sweet friend Christina for her Show your STUFF Linky.  I had the chance to meet my principal for coffee in Big Bear because I knew she was up there the same time and we had fun catching up.  She was surprised I was thinking about school but you know how we's always on our mind right?!?!  Especially if it involves cute décor.  LOL
So as most of you know I'm switching from a bee theme to an owl theme.  I've discovered that owls are very 'in' right now and I kinda feel like I'm jumping on the owl bandwagon but I promise I'm not.  I was a busy bee for 8 years!! :oD
Here are some fun pics of what I have stashed for the fall.
Lantern { Hobby Lobby }, owl bookends { Michael's }, owl storage box { Target }, turquoise crate { Target } - I will add a chevron ribbon through the holes to make it look much cuter...

Chevron storage boxes with flowers { Michael's clearance }, Owl notebook { Target }

Cute stuffed owl { boutique }, glitter clothespins see {here}
Owl hooks { Michael's clearance }
I still need a cute classroom rug, lamp and my mom in law is covering 2 chairs for me and making new owl chair pockets for me so you will see those soon I hope.  Also I'm updating my cute crate seats for my guided reading table as well.  I want to see what you are spending your money on so link on up and share. :o)



  1. Adorable! Love the owl stuff! I need to make new chair pockets this year as well as mine are getting worn.

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  2. I want that owl lantern! Too cute

  3. I love owls, and your books ends and hooks are adorable :)
    First Grade Dual

  4. Love your Owl stuff. Makes me want to switch, but then I'd have to change the minds of my other three teaching partners...... Maybe next year.... :)
    Can't wait to see how your classroom comes together!

  5. I keep seeing that owl stuff at Target... it's so cute!!!!!

    Thanks for linking up!

    *Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*

  6. I did owls last year!! I loved it!! But I'm switching it up this year; I'll keep the owls in the rotation for sure though!

    The Very Busy Resource Teacher

  7. Hey Vicky! I loved your bee classroom, but I can't wait to see your owl theme! Since I'm switching to 4th this year, I'm trading in my busy bees (didn't think 10 year old would like that so much) and working on a tropical theme. :) So much fun! Thanks for sharing, friend!