Meet the Teacher { that's me!! }

Monday, August 12, 2013
I'm so excited to link on up with Blog Hoppin' to tell you a little about myself.  First off I have to share my picture from 2nd grade..
I was the luckiest little girl in the school cuz my mama made lots of my clothes growing up.  She was an amazing seamstress!!!  When I went to one of the formals in high school I came home irritated because 5 other girls had my SAME dress.  Well that was quickly fixed!  From that year on my mom made my formal dresses --- yes, I went to Homecoming with the Homecoming King and wore a beautiful dress that mom made.  She was soo talented!
The most  precious/ most beautiful woman in the world...I miss her so much!!!
I am a hard working, wife to an AMAZING husband who 'gets' me like no other.  I am crafty and determined, dedicated and loyal.  I am a proud mom and feel honored EVERY single day that God chose me to be their mom.  I have passion even after 20 years for teaching and love my students so much!  I am creative and with that in mind...don't always put my laundry away on time.  I can throw an Awesome children's party but ask me to throw an adult one and I'll pass.. LOL
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  1. My mother was quite a seamstress too. She made the most amazing outfits for me, and they were always one of a kind. I know that feeling:).

  2. Yes, ma'am! I still believe in miracles. I believe they happen every day! :-)

    Teaching Little Miracles