Learning our Doubles Facts with 'The Candy Corn Bandit' and a WINNER

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Sometimes I wish I was from Texas so I could get away with saying this but I'm going to anyway ~  Y'ALL we had such a GREAT day!!!!!   { It doesn't sound quite right coming from a Cali girl who grew up in the Redondo Beach area. } Oh well... I planned a scavenger hunt for my firsties which was led by the Candy Corn Bandit.  With just a little planning I got our speech therapist, attendance cerk, librarian and lunch lady on board.  It was the best!  It all started with this:
I kinda forgot to mention that yesterday to get them excited I told them a bold faced lie or maybe just a little fib...I told them that Mr. Candy Corn Bandit guy came to my house and knocked on my door to talk about coming to visit our school.  You should have seen their chins drop.  I got questions like how tall was he?  Was he nice?  Did he look like an elf?  Did my kids play with him?  etc.  So you can imagine the dinner conversations that night at the dinner table right?  The parents are probably thinking I'm a nut job.  Oh well I love what I do!!!
Anywho after reading the note and singing the Doubles Rap we got ready for our scavenger hunt.  We grabbed our white boards and pens and read our first clue.  It wasn't a cute rhymy ( is that even a word?!?! ) kind of clue it was just a simple math equation.
I had the equations and our friends we visited had the answers.  We wrote them on our boards before we got there and checked to see if we were right.
Our librarian didn't mess around.  She wanted to be sure she had the right number of candy corns to match the answer she was assigned.  They all made a BIG deal about it saying they just turned their backs to answer the phone or something and all of a sudden they had a strange number and some candy corn on their desk.  The kids ATE it all up and hung on their every word.  It was the best!

His poster when we came back into the room was hanging up and there was candy scattered everywhere as well as new pencils and pumpkin erasers at their desks.  They were SOOOO excited!!

{ I found this directed draw idea from the very talented Courtney from: swimming into second }
Then of course to finish off our fun we did a directed draw of what we thought the candy corn looked like and wrote a narrative about our fun day!  Whew!!
P.S. I enlisted the help of some of my previous students ( 3rd graders ) to 'decorate my room and leave presents' while we were on our hunt. 
If you have been so good to read this whole thing I will now crown the winner of yesterdays blog post:
 Congrats to: Tania from My Second Sense!!!  I will email that to you shortly!!  You still have a few days why not try a visit from the Candy Corn Bandit in your room? :o)  I promise it won't get crazy or anything! { insert evil laugh here }
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Pumpkins, Pilgrims and Plump Turkeys Giveaway!!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013
Happy Monday friends!!!!  I worked on a little something...okay a BIG something this weekend and wanted to give my sweet followers a chance to win it.  It is 100 pages of FUN that will keep your kiddos engaged and learning for the entire month of November. 
large november unit covering lots of concepts

It includes worksheets and centers... I love the fact family center..

fact families with turkeys

I only had one color paper at home - but how cute would this be with colorful feathers? 

So all you have to do is leave a comment and I will pick a random winner to win this pack.  If you don't win { insert sad face here } I'm having  BOGO with just this product.  If you purchase this product from me and email me your username I will send you a product of anything in my store that is $5 or under.  So it's a win- win.  If you leave a comment be sure to leave your email. xoxo,


It's a Bulletin Board Smorgasboard

Thursday, October 24, 2013
I use to be the Queen of Bulletin Boards...ask anyone it's seriously true.  When I job shared for 7 years my partner was like you go girl - because I always wanted to change the boards.  Now I'm sad to say I haven't changed my hallway one since the first month...ugh!  How embarrassing!  Between the new common core and online grading, etc...I just haven't been as good with them. I thought it would be fun to share some of the ones I've used over the years...
Here are some for red ribbon week:
{ My friends room mom did this bat one }
{ credit to Kathy Belanger }
On the top of the corn is each's child little picture
I used my hubby's and dad's ties for his tail.

My dog themed year in 06
Not sure who to give credit to...our team made this years ago...
My mom made this board the year before she got sick.  I love how she always thought ' out of the box '.  She used material for the girls skirt...traced her own arm and a real leash and collar for the dog.
I always try to do a 'play on words' when I can...I had the kids draw their faces, draw hands and create their favorite book jacket.  This was a favorite!
These are just some of my favorites...hope it has inspired you a bit for when you work on your boards this year...maybe will re inspire me. LOL


5 for Friday ~~~ On Thursday

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Whew!!!!  What a week!!!  It's parent teacher conference week so you know how busy that is in itself...but no I decided this would also be the perfect week to put my house on the market.  Go ahead and say it - I hear you snickering anyway - I'm  just a tad CRAY-CRAY I know!!!
It's been a busy week --- here are some things we have been up to:
I have been working with the enrichment group getting them ready to add descriptive words to their writing during our intervention/enrichment block.  It's fun to see them excited about writing!
I have spent this week working on my fiction/non fiction pack and it's been so fun!  With half days and conferences it seemed like the perfect time to fit this unit in...  you can check it out here:
We are building a jack o lantern for our behavior...they earn a piece of him when they are extra good and we will celebrate with a popsicle party...they are sooo motivated right now. :o)
As I mentioned we have been working hard on adding descriptive words - I love doing this every year around this time. :o)
I can't wait to use this little cutie pie...if you like him you can click {here}
So wish us luck on selling our house AND for fun - Make a guess in the comments on the ONE Thanksgiving food I REFUSE to eat.  Don't forget to leave your email and the first 2 to get it correct will get a copy of this craftivity pack.
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Introducing the .... Journal Fairy

Friday, October 4, 2013

I'm no different than all of you talented teachers out there reading this in teacher land.  I have awesome, crazy ideas at 2am...here's my latest!  I introduced my students to the 'journal fairy' this week.  Oh my goodness it's like I struck GOLD!!!  My kiddos are great AWESOME this year!!!  It's one of those years where you secretly don't want the year to end because the mixture of kids in your class is like 'magical'.  I have had my fair share of years that weren't quite like this so I'm embracing this completely right now!!!  Anyway I have been working very hard on getting my kiddos to take their time, write neatly with proper spacing..blah!blah!blah! in their writing.  So I decided that if they have neat journals, with proper periods and capitals and have re-read it for mistakes than the journal fairy just MAY show up.  So when they are at recess or lunch or sometimes we have to delay her visit because I'm visiting with  my friends too much or making copies or something to that extent during my breaks....the fairy comes and leaves glitter on their journal.  YEP right on their writing for them to see.  I also added a small prize but my good friend told me nix the prize every time.  SMART woman let me tell you...I don't have a lot of money or let's be real here TIME to go to the Dollar Store and get mini prizes.  Although I did find out through some blogging besties that the Dollar Store has some on line shopping or something but that is for another post.  Anyway the Journal Fairy sometimes leaves glitter and sometimes a small prize if their writing has all the elements I'm looking for....
I had a teacher come in to visit me and she saw my students journals on their desks and said, " wow your students write so neatly. " I was like yay don't they?!?  Ha, ha I didn't tell her my 'secret'.
So...grab some glitter and introduce the journal fairy to your kiddos...you read their journals anyways and make comments so why not make it something fun and memorable for them?!? <3  If you love this idea you can find out more about it here:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Punctuation-Practice-264795
PS for those of you that read my currently - I busted a move and got bangs...


October Currently and a darling scarecrow craftivity ~ { if I do say so myself }

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I say this every month but I can't believe it's already October currently....I <3 October very much people!!!!  I love scarves and boots and falling leaves and running in the cold...it just makes me very happy.  But I DO NOT like pumpkin anything!!!  ICK!!!
Here is my October Currently:

We have parent conferences here in a few weeks and it's the first time with our new report cards and common core...should be interesting.  I really want bangs...I have had the no bang look for a while and I want some serious bangs like all the way across...call me crazy.  I'm getting kinda {old} and maybe I'm trying to hide wrinkles or something who knows??? LOL
I wanted to share our scarecrow craftivity with you too...we had so much fun making them today!  Grab it { here }

and my version..,

Like I said I love fall and October so this was a great way to start off the month.  What are you doing this month?
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