Family Traditions, randomness and a Big ole' FAT SALE!!!!

Saturday, November 30, 2013
This week has pretty much been bliss ~  I love time off with my family...even though at their ages they want to fill their time up with sports and friends more than mom....but I enjoy it anyway.  How pathetic am I that one of the highlights of my week was a teenage girl in our volleyball carpool told my daughter at practice...I love it when your mom drives - she's hilarious!  LOL  The little things in life....
So my mom was BIG on traditions - there were 4 of us kids and we had several growing up.  My mom was so organized  { I lacked that perfectionist gene from her btw } that she would write on the outside of the angel box and nativity box the year and who set it up or who put it on the tree... me I say, " Look on my facebook or last years photo album I have no clue "  LOL  I would say I took my job as a kid a bit more seriously than my boy here:   
what!?!?!  Wise men can't be upside down...we actually have 2 of these sets.  This is the kid friendly one and then we have the pretty breakable kind.
Would you agree with me that tpt has come in handy for several reasons...I made my hubby this simple little banner for his bday

I would have had no idea how to do something like this except with the use of my cricket....but I was his hero because the background is this:

Anyway he loved it and that's all that matters.

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reindeer craftivity
and an oldie but a goodie...

Tell me about a family tradition you have and I would love to pick one of you to win one of my NEW December creations...  Happy Shopping!  Oh~ Don't forget to leave FEEDBACK for old will get an extra discount if you have feedback credit...whoo-hoo!!!!


  1. We play extremely exciting unwrapping gift game....every year. Extremely FUN...LOL.

  2. When we were growing up at my house, setting up Christmas was all based on seniority! I was beyond ecstatic the first year I got to set up the Nativity. Fast forward 20 years, and I almost freaked out when I caught my pre-k nephews fighting with the Wise Men like action figures. The next year, I got a beautiful wooden Nativity set that doubled as a puzzle for them to play with all they wanted. I love that you have a kid friendly one too!

  3. Nativity setup was HUGE at my house growing up as well. I passed that on to two kiddos and now that they're grown, it's back to me again. But it does warm my heart that I see both my 20-somethings check out how I set it up and make a few minor tweaks every time they walk by it. Our nativity scene is in storage as I write this, but we finally got our move-in date to our new home and that box will one of the first I'm looking for when the movers arrive. It's the little things that make me the happiest ... and I want my "babies" to have some "tweaking" to do when they get home for the holidays!

  4. My girls get a special ornament every year and they each get to put them on the tree. My plan was for them to take them when they got older so they could have Christmas decorations when they were just starting out but I don't think I can part with them! My oldest is 18 and I haven't let her take them yet. Love your family traditions!

  5. I thought I just commented but it disappeared, or I'm just not paying attention! Our family tradition is Christmas ornaments. The girls get one each year and they get to hang them on the tree. My hope was for them to have a collection of decorations when they leave home, but now I'm not willing to part with them!

  6. On Christmas Eve, we would go to church and then after we would watch a holiday video. Afterward, we would open our presents.

  7. Like Heather above, my mom got us each an ornament every year. They were usually reflective of our interests at that that I have them on my tree, I love to look at them and think of those days.

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  8. I love how we eat green chile stew and go to Old Town to see the luminarias every Christmas Eve. ( We live in Albuquerque) PS: I follow you on Instagram.

  9. One of our traditions growing up was to put all of the bows on Christmas morning on our dog Greta. We would see how many we could fit and then take a pic with us and her. She was always a good smoker and we loved her so much!