Random Ramblings about what I'm doing in November

Monday, November 11, 2013
It's sooo nice to have today off...who's with me?!?  Years ago I job shared and I'm telling you it was the BEST thing ever!  I actually felt like I had a semi healthy balance between home and school.  Today's post is my random ramblings about what's been going on in my little neck of the woods. 
First off we made these darling little guys ~ and I will tell you the kids loved them and I have had lots of compliments on them too. 
turkey craftivity

turkey craftivity
This one looks like she's waving...

turkey craftivity, a perfect hallway display

If you love this fella you can get it at my store { here }

behavior management tips, build a turkey for behavior

Last month's Build a Jack - o - lantern was so fun that we decided to do one for this month too...It's been a great behavior incentive.  I even bring the turkey and a few pieces to their 'specials' and have them try and earn pieces with those teachers too!

I just hit up Michael's and they seem to have these types of packs - perfect for this behavior incentive!
These pages were fun to work on too - we discussed Veteran's Day on Friday and worked on  these addition/subtraction pies too.  These can be found in my : What I'm Teaching for November Pack.



We've been working hard in reading groups discussing Fiction vs. Non Fiction and working on story maps too.


Lastly this was just a FUNNY thing that happened that I shared on Instagram:

Ha!  I can say that I wasn't even born when I made this comment according to TPT... Don't you just love glitches!!!
If you are off too Enjoy your day and THANK a veteran!


  1. That TPT glitch is hilarious and the turkeys are adorable! Did you change the look of your blog just a little bit?

    Keep Calm and Apple On

    1. Hi Alyse - I added the photo of me, got rid of my about me blogger sections to the right of this and added more to my about me page. :o)

  2. Scott and the heart with a cross
    It has a diff pic of you.

  3. I love the turkeys! TOO cute! anyhoo, for the scavenger hunt, your hubby's name is Scott, and the special symbol was the heart with the cross inside.