How to dress like a 6 year old...and 5 For Friday

Friday, December 13, 2013
I had such a fun week with my firsties!!!!  They LOVE Snowflake and can't wait to see where she ends up so that alone makes my days super fun.  This is what we have been up to this week:

The Elf Fun continues in my classroom:  Here is what she has been up to:
Elf on the Shelf ideas for the classroom

First she changes our learning target...then our schedule...what a little rebel she is!!

Elf on the shelf ideas for the classroom

Then I think she turned on MTV and the Martha Stewart channel to watch the Wrecking Ball video by Miley Cyrus { scary } and how to make a fruit loop necklace by Martha.

elf on the shelf ideas

Next  -- she well... to be honest I think she must be running out of ideas...the poor thing.  Her creative juices must not be working properly.  She did this exact same thing last year.  She used a chocolate chip bag as a sleeping bag and wrapped little chocolate chips in aluminum foil to create mini Hershey kisses.  When the kids move their clips up they get to eat one!!!

elf on the shelf ideas

They are sooo tiny!!!  and then...
today I had a sub...I was on campus all day but got to do common core planning...I'm loving my district right now.  They gave us 4 days for this so far.  This is what Snowflake wrote for today...and she looked like pathetic:

elf on the shelf ideas

Someone misses the 'BIG MAN'...she even put Santa stickers all over herself...

elf on the shelf ideas

We did a little directed draw of Mooseltoe after reading about him...They turned out so cute!

Had a sweet little angel in my class end up in the hospital this week.  Pray for little B to continue to get better soon, thanks my friends.
Don't be embarrassed for me...really it's okay!  Apparently I dress like a first grader.  This week I was twins with 2 of them and they were thrilled.  Me - not so much. LOL

 matching animal print and almost exact matching furry vests... LOL

Awesome Christmas card idea for a parent gift

How cute are these little guys?!?!  This will be put on the parent gift ornament...super fun and cute.  Thanks pinterest!

Awesome Christmas card idea for parents

I would love to hear how your week was and find out what you have been up on up with Doodle Bugs and tell us all  about it.


  1. I love the ornament pictures with the kids wearing bulbs! I might just have to try that with my little ones! Thanks for sharing!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. Looks like Snowflake had a little fun in your room! LOVE the Christmas light pics! Totally cute!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  3. Snowflake has been busy this week! Your students have been busy this week, too! The Mooseltoe picture was adorable :)

    Seconds at the Beach

  4. Well you made me smile. I love your Snowflake idea. You might dress like a 6 years old but I think like one...want to trade!!
    have a great week ahead.
    Julie :)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage