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Sunday, December 8, 2013

blurting out in the classroom, tips to help and behavior management ideas

I have found a lot of things on pinterest over the years but I have to say the BLURT CHART just might be one of my favorites!!!  I created my own version of course cuz that's what we do...we have to put our own little spin on things.  This year is one of those years where you kinda don't want the year to end.  I have had my fair share of not so easy years so when these come along I hold on  CLING desperately to them!!!!  I have just a couple that LOVE to yell out, blurt out, interrupt, etc.  So I made my very own blurt chart and I wanted to share it with all of you so it's a freebie in my store even. 
I can't even begin to tell you how AWESOME it's working for me.  Can you tell with my caps that I'm serious here?!!?  The sweet little guys and gals that have blurted out in the past literally start to and then cover their mouth with their hand and raise their other hand.  IT's LIKE MAGIC PEOPLE!!!  I feel like Junie B. Jones right now when she's excited about something.  { Did you know the author passed away?  }  Barbara sad  Anyway you need to TRY this asap.  I will tell you it took  a bit of time to make though.  I mean the straight lines with the yard stick and the sticky Velcro backing and making it all line up...ugh!  It was a bit tricky but don't let me talk you out of it because it was all worth it...even though I cut myself by accident and had a bleeding finger ...but don't worry it didn't get on the chart. LOL

How do I use it?
If they blurt out I say blurt chart and they pull off a 'face' and put it in a bucket.  I used numbers instead of names for a few reasons that I have already blogged about {here}...but if they move all 3 they have to move their clip down.  I introduced it last week and I had the best non blurting out week ever!

blurt chart for behavior management help freebie

My hubby's team had a big win last night, I just posted on my fb fan page...if you can guess what title they won for football you can win my 2 new packs:  Put your guess and your email in the comments below:

More elf fun to come this week...Snowflake is very creative and silly!


  1. I don't know a lot about football. So, after asking my husband what kind of titles can be won and him looking at me like I was crazy. I explained it was for your contest. He started rambling off lots of things and this is what I heard. Regional Divisional Champions of State. I am not sure because he wouldn't repeat it and said are you sure you are entering a teacher contest! LOL

  2. Did they win their state championship!

  3. I already posted on your FB page but I said regional champs!?
    Teaching in the Valley

  4. I came back to say I love your Blurt Chart! I just love it! Thank you so much for sharing!