Reindeer on Parade, a funny and more elf trouble

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Today was crazy!  But I wanted to share a few things with you all...we had the 'curriculum police' come through.  I actually like all of them so I'm not putting them down at all.  But, it is kinda intimidating when they have their clipboards and write down everything you say and all.
They came through my class and 2 others.  They stayed for a LONG time.  I mean at the end I kinda kicked them out with a little subtle hint... I looked up at the clock { even though I knew darn well what time it was } and said, "Oh my boys and girls we need to get ready to go home, school gets out in 2 minutes!"  They got the hint and left.   It was so confusing for the sweet little guys.  I had one little friend ask me all day ~ but Mrs. Moore do our parents know we are packing up early?  Do they know we are going home early?  Uh, we aren't going home early buddy I must have said that about 5 times but he still didn't get it.  Poor guy!  Here's the best part - during the last 2 minutes literally I had a parent pop their head in my back door to ask me a question and the kids were getting antsy inside...finally after the bell rang and the kids are still waiting for me to walk them out a little guy ran up to me as my head was still poked out the door and said, "Mrs. Moore you need to deal with us - it's a ZOO in here!"  LOL I laughed out loud at that really are the best aren't they?!!?  BTW after the observation they came back around to sit in and observe us during our PLC time.  Which is interesting when you only have 1 other team member LOL.
Now back to my elf which you will see/hear a lot about this month...she will be a busy girl.
elf on the shelf ideas

She rigged up a swing and wanted to be added to our word wall - although she has some trouble with letter reversals, I think she needs to listen more.

elf on the shelf ideas

This idea was not was from my sweet and talented friend Sandy over at Soaring Through Second...if you don't already follow her you are missing out!  Snowflake is sadly stapled to the wall..shh!  And wants E to stand for ELF instead of egg.

My reindeer have been a big hit...I even heard one of the Big Wigs say how cute they were...I think the fact that I tied it into Common Core made it extra special.  We turned this craftivity into Informational Writing about real reindeer.  The kids had fun with it.

reindeer craftivity

If you have an elf in your room or home, tell me what you are doing with it...I just may run out of ideas.  I will give my favorite idea my new reindeer craftivity...or if you already bought it during the big sale you can pick something else out.  Ready Go!!


  1. Tonight my elf made a matching mini christmas chain. It is the perfect elf size and looks just like the ones my kids made today! I saw the idea on pinterest!


  2. A few fun things I did with my elf last year were:
    -- Deliver letters from our pen-pal class
    -- Break into my prize box and put prizes on all of the students' desks.
    -- pull all of the cards on the card pull chart to make a festive holiday red/green pattern (needless to say, the kids on red didn't find it very funny!!)
    -- make the art project our class did the day before.
    Pull out all the books from the book shelf, until he found HIS book to read :)
    Deliver cookies straight from the North Pole :)
    -- change the class photo to all pictures of him!
    -- my elf also took a "sick day" and sent in elf Suzy Snowflake (after buying the skirt like yours has!). The kids loved having a different elf come visit :)

    good enough teacher

  3. Last year my elf made a paper snowflake and left all his paper scraps around for me to clean up..

  4. Hey Vicky. So glad you found my little blog :) I actually found yours last night I think. I remembered you putting your elf's name on the word wall. I stole your idea for our elf Sam today. What a small world! Thank you for your sweet comments after your full day, wow! Well here are a couple of elf ideas. I don't have many, Sam just came on Monday and this is my first year to do this. I wrapped up our elf box and stick it in the freezer. Our wonderful librian brought him down and read the book to the kids. Their mouths were hanging open. It was so much fun to watch. Yesterday, Sam got into chocolate. He had silver wrappings everywhere and chocolate smeared all over his face. My little fish were amazed. I am having so much fun with this. Don't tell, hehe, but probably more than the kids...