Sight Word Bowling and a { freebie }

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
I love centers and always have...I have to admit although I do rotations in the mornings I don't utilize centers as much as I use to.  I blame some of that on now having 28 students instead of 20 or 17 and having less space for them and some of the blame goes to how the curriculum has changed over the last couple of years.    Anywho ~ when I do pull some out boy do they have a ball...speaking of having a ball.  I pulled out Sight Word Bowling for them last week.  One little guy had been asking me for weeks to pull it out when he spotted it on my shelf.  So here are some pics :

 I got my mini bowling kits at the Dollar Store years ago...I have even seen them at grocery stores too.
I have also thought it would be fun to put a little twist on this game and for each baggie of bowling pins write a word on each pin that creates a sentence.  They could write the words on their boards as the pin falls and figure out how to make a sentence from it... 
Here is a freebie I made with pages for both ideas in it...enjoy!

Also there's something BIG happening ~

Don't miss out...stock up and get what you need for the rest of the year!!!


Valentine's, RTI and the Olympics ~ Oh my!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014
Last week was busy, we had a 4 day week so I squeezed lots of fun things into it...not that I'm complaining. :o)
We are trying to wrap up our polar regions unit - these guys always come out so cute.
We celebrated Valentine's Day ~  My students know me well...look at my 'stash' giraffes and owls. <3
Here's what I gave them...
Look how amazing this valentine box is...Her mom put her dressed up like a princess in the window of this darling castle...creative parents!!!

 I bought Robin Sellers super cute Valentine hat, we had such fun wearing these home and a yummy popcorn, candy corn, m&m ,sprinkle snack too.
My friend Val from: made the CUTEST Olympic craftivity!  We wrote about teamwork under the 'flag'.
I'm trying to make our intervention time practical and fun for the kiddos.  This is kind of an 'old school' idea but they really enjoyed it.
We've had this family tradition for 14 years...we always buy a heart shaped pizza from a local pizza place in town.  My kids always look forward to it. <3
Here's my newest little guy...PIN it and COMMENT here to win it.

Hope most of you are enjoying a day off today!  God bless, xoxo


Trash Can Spelling

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So ~ no I'm not throwing away their spelling tests in the trash can...but we like to play a fun little game about twice a week in my class called Trash Can Spelling.  The boys will EAT IT UP...just so you know, I love seeing the boys engaged and all competitive.  The game is so SIMPLE and it will cost you absolutely NOTHING!  You can implement it TOMORROW even!  All you need is some masking tape, a trash can and a wad of paper.
You need to set up it up to look something like this:

I use 25 points, 15 points, 10 points and 5 points...notice how close 5 points is to the trash can and how far away 25 points is...BUT there's another component to this game.  The kids have to decide how far they want to throw from BUT also they have to realize a 25 point word will be MUCH harder than a 5 point word.  A 5 point word might be the or and....and a 25 point word might be decide or people.  I have had very ambitious littles go to 25 and don't even get the chance to throw the ball wad of paper because they don't spell the word right.  I like to play by tables so the tables play against each other and I may play 2-3 rounds and the table with the most points will win a school ticket, treasure chest item, etc.

The kids seriously LOVE this game along with a Math Champ game we play that I will tell you about later.  They always ask if they can play and I try to squeeze it in 2x's a week.  It's a great hands on way to fit in more spelling practice before the Friday test and they don't even know they are 'learning'.  The BEST kind of classroom fun!!!!