Sight Word Bowling and a { freebie }

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
I love centers and always have...I have to admit although I do rotations in the mornings I don't utilize centers as much as I use to.  I blame some of that on now having 28 students instead of 20 or 17 and having less space for them and some of the blame goes to how the curriculum has changed over the last couple of years.    Anywho ~ when I do pull some out boy do they have a ball...speaking of having a ball.  I pulled out Sight Word Bowling for them last week.  One little guy had been asking me for weeks to pull it out when he spotted it on my shelf.  So here are some pics :

 I got my mini bowling kits at the Dollar Store years ago...I have even seen them at grocery stores too.
I have also thought it would be fun to put a little twist on this game and for each baggie of bowling pins write a word on each pin that creates a sentence.  They could write the words on their boards as the pin falls and figure out how to make a sentence from it... 
Here is a freebie I made with pages for both ideas in it...enjoy!

Also there's something BIG happening ~

Don't miss out...stock up and get what you need for the rest of the year!!!


  1. I love this idea. I have to ask where you got the itty bitty bowling pins? They are so cute.

  2. Hi Laura,
    Thank you for the reminder...I put it in my product but not on this post...I got mine at the Dollar Store.