It's Just Another ' Manic Monday' { hint, hint * freebie * }

Monday, March 31, 2014
I'm an 80's girl at heart, so whenever I can throw in an 80's reference I do...

check me out...feathered hair and all...

Well back to the freebie...
I love teaching reading...definitely a passion of mine and a joy to see their little faces when it all clicks.  It sure makes all those other days like this well worth it.

So I wanted to include some reading response sheets for both fiction and non fiction that you could use in your small guided reading groups.  Enjoy

Reading Response freebie

Click {here} or {here} for the freebie!  Tell me what was your favorite thing about the 80's..and don't tell me you don't really remember the 80's because it will make me feel REALLY old.  LOL

Do you have a freebie?  Link on up with Charity at Classroom Freebies and share.


5 for Week 1 of Spring Break or something like that...+ a Freebie

Thursday, March 27, 2014
I have had such a great start to my spring break!  It started with a So. Cal Blogger Meet Up at Fashion Island...hello?!?  Shopping and eating are you kidding me?!?!
I got the chance to meet up with some pretty sweet girls and lots of new friends that I know...ok stalk through Instagram.  It was so fun!  I was planning on going all by my lonesome and just meeting new peeps when I get a message from Katie Knight asking if I wanted to go together with her...umm let me think about that...ah, YEAH!!!!  We had fun talking and shopping and eating cupcakes...that in and of itself it a whole nuther' blog post!

I feel like I'm doing a 5 for Friday but I can call it 5 for the first week of Spring Break.  Oh did I forget to mention that?!?!  I'm sorry ~ yep our district does a whole 2 week thang at Spring Break.  { which I love by the way }  But to be honest I don't get the whole different district schedules and all.  If you are a teacher in California you should just have the same break or if you are at least from the same county.  Hubby got 3 weeks at Christmas...I'm pretty sure my firsties would've forgot my name after 3 weeks and Santa and a crazy elf...yeah, they would be done for sure!  He got an entire week for the President's Day in February...what was that all about!?!  I mean my students and I always like it when the hubby stops by and visits but really a whole week after coming back for what a month after their extra long Christmas Break... I'm so confused!

Anywho ~ back to my 5 for Spring Break week 1.  We spent the entire day today making sure my 14 year old daughter is all set for her EAST COAST trip with a plane full of her friends her 8th grade classmates without her parents...EEK!  The countdown went from

to here it is staring me right in the FACE and I can't go back and  un -sign her up...I'm so excited for her but it's a little scary too.

What number am I at ~ I'm not really keeping track since it's not a linky or anything...oh - I have a freebie for's spring themed.  Sorry for you East Coasters out there reading this, I think God cancelled Spring where you are.  My daughter has no idea what cold is but will soon find out when she heads your way.  Click on the picture to take you to the freebie.

So my brain isn't really turned on during spring break that much so let's say this is #5...I saved the best for last because it's a SALE!!!
You've seen the teaser on my fb...

I'm having a sale through Monday!!

Shop away my friends ~ click { here } to shop! Oh and a bunch of my bloggy friends are too...visit them as well.
I guess I was wrong all along, this did turn out to sorta be a linky...oops!


{ moore } family traditions

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
As most of you know I love to share ideas/traditions that were passed on to me by my parents...or new ones that I've started with my own family like this one .  In fact I think it has been my most popular pin on pinterest...
anniversary idea for your spouse

16 reasons why I love my husband on our 16th wedding anniversary poster size on our bedroom door for when he woke up.  Well today is one of the most special days sweet boy was born 12 years ago today.  My kids are truly my blessings as I was told I couldn't have kids years ago.  We wanted to be surprised with him and didn't find out if he was a boy or a my doctor had his own tradition...when a baby is born at that moment everyone in the room sings happy birthday even the we had 2 names Josh and Allie ( for Allison ) ~ everyone was singing: Happy Birthday deeeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrr and then he flipped him over ~ Joshua!!  I was so excited!  I had a girl so having a boy was wonderful.  This is what he woke up to today....

birthday ideas for your child

Now onto what my parents called the prayer dot...I have the prayer dot in full affect right now.  My parents would put a red dot on their watches when I was pregnant with my kids, during times of family crisis, etc. The prayer dot is on because my sweet 14 year old daughter is heading to the EAST COAST with just her friends and teachers for her 8th grade trip.  She will be there for 7 days hitting up D.C., New York, Boston, and Penn.  It will be such a great experience for her but I have to admit I'm kind of I'm giving it to God!  Every time I look down at my watch I see the dot and pray for her ~ so easy!

prayer ideas

The other great thing about the prayer dot is people ask about it and what a great way to tell others how I feel about the Lord and prayer. <3


Non Fiction Text Features?!? No Problem

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
So I'm a HEAD of the game here...I'm making a pun because my brain is spinning and I have 2 days...2 days people until 2 weeks of SPRING BREAK.  That's 16 days off ~  whoo- whee!  I love my job but we all need a break ya' know?
The pun is referring to a game we played today to help learn non fiction text features during reading groups.  We played my own version of HEADBANDZ.  I'm sure you have seen it in stores...we actually own it in our house.  Anyway when I was making a new unit I thought why not play the game Headbandz to learn this new concept ~ and guess what?!?  It worked!!!  First of all it was highly motivating - they couldn't wait to play.  So how did it look in my classroom?  I know that's what inquiring minds want to know...
First we spent a few minutes reviewing non fiction books as the unit we did on this was a while ago even though we talk about them almost daily. 

There's some serious teaching going on here!!
Next I had the kids come up one by one with their eyes squeezed shut while I chose a headband to place on their heads
Ok that's awkward!!  LOL my photographer got me showing how they would wear it and not putting one on a kid..oh well.  You get the idea.
Then watch the magic happen ....I had one person go around and ASK one question like:  Am I in bold?  The rest of us could only answer YES or NO to the questions.  Other questions were:  Am I found at the beginning of the book?  Am I found at the end of the book?  Am I a photograph or a place to find vocabulary words, etc.
We had SOOO much fun!
Oh how ~ I wish my principal or the 'curriculum police' were in there during this lesson.  There were academic conversations happening and common core'ish' words being thrown was pretty awesome to see these things coming from 6 and 7 years olds if I may say....try it... 
IN FACT.....I will give my unit away to  one follower that SHARES  this post on facebook or PINS this post.  Here is a sample of that pack...
Since it works so well with my Fiction vs. Non Fiction pack I will throw that one in as well...
So share away and tell me what you think of you think it would work with your students?

5 for Friday with a sprinkle of TEXT EVIDENCE

Friday, March 14, 2014
Whew ~ this was the LONGEST week evah!!!!!  I'm not even kidding.  I don't even know where to happy it's the weekend.  I think a Sangria is calling my name LOUD & CLEAR!

Ok so normally I don't take selfies in the bathroom ~ cheesy!  But I got this darling shirt at Stein Mart.  Do you all have one near you?  It looks like I got it from Jane or another on line boutique but really Stein Mart.  I used to think Stein Mart was only for senior citizens.  I'm not even kidding.  Then a friend told me she got a cute shirt there and what do ya know?!?  They have some really cute stuff need to go check them out!

We have been busy working very hard on text evidence this week.  In reading groups we have been reading/re- reading for fluency...looking back for 'evidence' with highlighters and 'magnifying' glasses.  It's been so much fun!
Check out my pack by clicking on the product picture:

Wednesday I was all ready to go to work and my son woke up with a terrible rash...I had to get a sub last minute.  Thank goodness for my Sub Tub! { and it's a freebie people :o ) }

It's sorta hard to tell but this is my opinion writing anchor chart.  We have been busy this week working hard on opinion writing too.  I'm so proud of my little firsties writing their heart out!

If you're stuck on how to get started I have an opinion writing pack you can check out { here }

A BUNCH of RANDOMNESS squeezed into #5 here:
First how cute are the kinders at my school, they used this app CAT CAM to make these sweet faces:

They graphed their favorite book with these pics...darling!

I had a Spring Showcase for my sweet was a preview to the high school she will be going to....CRAZY!!!

Seriously she was that baby like yesterday I'm pretty sure!

We made these cuties today...I think they are originally from my talented friend Jen at First Grade Blue Skies...

and I  made this new product this week:
{ it's even on sale right now }

It's got craftivities/center ideas/printables/posters and more.

Hope you are going to enjoy your weekend as much as I'm planning to...take care ~ oh and hook on up with Doodle Bugs and tell us about your week.

P.S.  My wonderful friends are having their March Mystery Box giveaway and it is REALLY , extra awesome this month...check it out { here } 


Winner & Math Game Ideas

Monday, March 10, 2014

The winner(s) for my big giveaway were announced on my facebook page...if you don't already follow my fb click {here}.  I often have flash freebies and giveaways there and previews for products before they are released.
Congrats to the very talented Jamie Pink from Bright Concepts 4 teachers for being my big blog winner and very sweet and supportive Sam C. for being my big FB winner.
Now onto more hands on ideas to use in the classroom.  Start collecting egg cartons....all you need to do is write numbers in them with a sharpie and add beans!  It's seriously that SIMPLE.  I had these made since around 1999 and they are always a big hit in my room.  You can provide 2 beans for your little guys....but for older kids or to make it more challenging - add 3 beans or use 2 and multiply instead of add them.  They close the lid and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE.  Then when they open the lid if one bean is in a 3 and the other in a 5 spot they can add = 8 or multiply = 15.  It's very fun ~ don't say I didn't warn you though it gets a teeny bit loud with all that shaking.  BUT they are engaged, having fun and focused thinking so it all works out I promise...except for that headache you might get.  But I'm pretty sure you might have gotten one anyway after a long week right?!!?  j/k


Another fun one ~ start collecting Altoid Tins.  I will disclose and just come clean...I bought a 'lot' on ebay years ago because I get a teensy bit impatient when I have an idea I want to roll with...
Here's what you do...
Well that's it for now...let me know if you try one of these ideas or share one of yours in the comments below.  I'd love to try something new in my classroom.

Dr. Seuss Shenanigans

Thursday, March 6, 2014
Dr. YOU KNOW WHO had a big birthday this week and it is one of my most FAVORITE teaching days of the year. I have such a passion for teaching reading and so this day of reading celebration is right up my alley!
  We use to - back in the day make these super elaborate Cat in the Hat circular very tall striped hats with paper plates as the base.{ try saying that 10 times fast! }  Come on you all know what I'm talking about...yeah!  Well lets be that I have 28 kids that just AIN'T { yes I just said ain't } happening....ain't nobody got time for that now.  Yep, I just did it again. :o)
Anywho now we make a much simpler version of a Dr. Seuss day hat and I'm a big fan.  It's just a sentence strip with blue pieces hanging down from it in all directions and a big splot of THING 1 or THING 2 on the front...done! check, next!  We still make green eggs and ham and do a predicting and what really happened activity on it.  First we predict whether we will like it or not then we decide if we this
Dr. Seuss activities

We also made these Thing 1 and 2 guys with their handprints for hair.
Dr. Seuss activities, Thing 1 and Thing 2

So much fun.... how do you celebrate?