5 for Week 1 of Spring Break or something like that...+ a Freebie

Thursday, March 27, 2014
I have had such a great start to my spring break!  It started with a So. Cal Blogger Meet Up at Fashion Island...hello?!?  Shopping and eating are you kidding me?!?!
I got the chance to meet up with some pretty sweet girls and lots of new friends that I know...ok stalk through Instagram.  It was so fun!  I was planning on going all by my lonesome and just meeting new peeps when I get a message from Katie Knight asking if I wanted to go together with her...umm let me think about that...ah, YEAH!!!!  We had fun talking and shopping and eating cupcakes...that in and of itself it a whole nuther' blog post!

I feel like I'm doing a 5 for Friday but I can call it 5 for the first week of Spring Break.  Oh did I forget to mention that?!?!  I'm sorry ~ yep our district does a whole 2 week thang at Spring Break.  { which I love by the way }  But to be honest I don't get the whole different district schedules and all.  If you are a teacher in California you should just have the same break or if you are at least from the same county.  Hubby got 3 weeks at Christmas...I'm pretty sure my firsties would've forgot my name after 3 weeks and Santa and a crazy elf...yeah, they would be done for sure!  He got an entire week for the President's Day in February...what was that all about!?!  I mean my students and I always like it when the hubby stops by and visits but really a whole week after coming back for what a month after their extra long Christmas Break... I'm so confused!

Anywho ~ back to my 5 for Spring Break week 1.  We spent the entire day today making sure my 14 year old daughter is all set for her EAST COAST trip with a plane full of her friends her 8th grade classmates without her parents...EEK!  The countdown went from

to here it is staring me right in the FACE and I can't go back and  un -sign her up...I'm so excited for her but it's a little scary too.

What number am I at ~ I'm not really keeping track since it's not a linky or anything...oh - I have a freebie for ya..it's spring themed.  Sorry for you East Coasters out there reading this, I think God cancelled Spring where you are.  My daughter has no idea what cold is but will soon find out when she heads your way.  Click on the picture to take you to the freebie.


So my brain isn't really turned on during spring break that much so let's say this is #5...I saved the best for last because it's a SALE!!!
You've seen the teaser on my fb...

I'm having a sale through Monday!!

Shop away my friends ~ click { here } to shop! Oh and a bunch of my bloggy friends are too...visit them as well.
I guess I was wrong all along, this did turn out to sorta be a linky...oops!


  1. 2 weeks - how nice! Did you get two at Christmas? This year I am off 2 weeks earlier than my daughter - boo:( I love fashion island - Did you go to caseys cupcakes?

    1. Hi Michelle - yes we did Casey's cupcakes...yum and oh so cute! BTW I loved your IG pic of your daughter in her cute boots. :o) ~ Vicky

  2. Sounds like a great week. We have autumn break in two weeks in Australia and I'm counting. Although our weather has been beautiful 26- 28 oC. Hope your second week is just as much fun!
    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

    1. That's right...my bff lives in Australia. At least you have something to countdown to and look forward to...enjoy Julie.

  3. I have spring break in two weeks. I am not going anywhere special, but I hope the snow will FINALLY be gone and I can be outside :) I just found you on Twitter (not under my blog name, though) and I am now following! I love your blog, so I am sure I will love seeing you on Twitter.