Have you tried GoNoodle?!? It's magical...check it out!

Thursday, April 24, 2014
GoNoodle!  Have you heard of it yet?!?  I'm sure you have, it's all the rage right now!  Teachers from all over are using it in their classroom and having TONS of success with it.  It's fun, engaging and gives our kiddos just the break { brain break that is } that they need to get right back to work and more focused than ever.  Did I mention it was engaging?  Oh my is it ever!!  I LOVE it myself and find myself joining right in with my students.  Sometimes us grown ups need a little fun brain break too every so often.  We over at the Primary Chalkboard have been lucky enough to get to try out Go Noodle in our classroom with the Noodle + account and it is AWESOME!!!!  Here are some pics of it in action:
So you might be asking yourself:  How do I really get started with GoNoodle?  How would I really use this in my classroom?  Well it's quite easy and I'm happy to answer those questions for you:
First off go to this screen:





WHY is this helpful to our students???  First of all it is HIGHLY motivating.  They want to do it and ask for it daily!  It incorporates exercise into their day...did you lose your P.E. special in the last few years?  You can add in some movement easily with this program.  I love this for my little guys who struggle with ADD or ADHD.  They need some time to refocus between activities sometimes and a deep breathing video or little dance move one can do the trick.  I can't believe the difference I'm seeing already. 
This is FREE people!!!!  It's incredible ALL the things you get for FREE!  If you love it after you have tried it for free for a few months than consider the membership or better yet - ENTER the rafflecopter for a chance to win one over at the Primary Chalkboard.  What are you waiting for guys?!!?
Are you still unsure....well teachers all over the WORLD are using Go Noodle as part of their day for daily brain breaks.
Here's my TOP 10 list on why to use GONOODLE:
It's super easy, involves NO prep and can be used anywhere. { as long as you have internet connection, a computer and a projector }  Honestly you don't always even need the projector.

It's a fun familiar face for your kids to look forward to each day ~ and it will keep them engaged.

It truly is a one stop shop for brain breaks!  You get dancing, deep breathing, running, etc. all in one place!

It's a wonderful tool to use when transitioning from one subject or part of your day to another....and might I say flawlessly!
Students who use GoNoodle stay more focused, engaged and motivated throughout the day.  I can attest to this, just in being back from spring break I have seen an improvement since I started this a few days ago!

This is research based:  Research has shown that short bursts of physical activity improves student performance.  What teacher doesn't want that?!?!

Playing GoNoodle helps achieve the 60 minutes of activity per day even on rainy/snow days!

It's super FUN!!!!  Our students need to have fun while they are learning and it certainly is that!

Your kids will love to see their mascot/grow/change/morf and look forward to seeing it everyday.
and the

reason why you need to check it out...is because it's FREE!!!  They say the best things in life are free and let me tell you ~ this is one of the best things.  Your students will thank you forever and you will be a rock star in their eyes { even though you already are... }


So head on over to the Primary Chalkboard for a chance to WIN a free upgraded membership NOW!!!!!  You will NOT be disappointed my friends.


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