Birthdays ~ to celebrate or not?

Friday, July 25, 2014
So birthdays ~ it seems to be a hot topic nowadays.  Michelle Obama has her opinion and so does everyone else.  Over the last 2 years I have opted out of celebrating birthdays with food!  Oh the horror!
I have decided to NOT celebrate with food for the past 2 years.  I know, I know I sound like the worst teacher ever.  But, the amount of allergies my students had have has risen significantly and it's just not worth it to me.  Also my district has a healthy kid rule in place and the list of what a parent can bring in is very restricted.  I mean how many times can you have a skinny cow in one month people?  Instead I have the bday kid come up and we sing to them, then in years past I have left bulletin board paper on their desk for their classmates to write a nice note.  Lastly the birthday child can receive a special something from me.  This is what I just made for this coming year and...It's a freebie in my store right now!!!  I would love to know how you celebrate birthdays in your school/class/district.  Take a looksy and tell me what you think.  They took me very little time to prep and I'm ready for the easy!
Leave me a comment with how you handle birthdays... and swing by my store and grab my freebie too.


  1. We celebrate birthdays on the last Friday of each month. They can bring in a snack to share. I give them a crown and a crazy straw. Some kids don't celebrate on that day because they forget or their parents are done celebrating their birthday because it was earlier in the month.

  2. My daughter has several food allergies, so as an allergy mom I love that your celebration does not center around food! In past years I've done a birthday book where each kid wrote a little something to the birthday child and I bound that. My kiddos really liked it. Thanks for the freebie!

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  3. IF a parent brings in goodies, we have the goodies. But it's very rare that parents will send things in for their kiddos birthday. Last year we had 1 party. I haven't ever done the birthday gift thing, as many students aren't aware it's their birthday. When I first started teaching I had made a big deal that it was the child's birthday and the parent came unhinged! They didn't want their child to know it was their birthday. I've been gunshy ever since to celebrate birthdays. Maybe this year I'll change and celebrate a little, but it'll have to be food-less since I will have food allergies in class. Thanks for the cute idea.

  4. My school had sone away with any food served long before Michele Obama. I have a cup full of crazy straw and signs on them. The child keeps it on their desk for the day and takes one home. I am moving to middle school this year and will not do anything.

    1. How exciting Kelly ~ enjoy middle school. :o)

  5. I do the birthday straws! Love your banners, btw! I also give the birthday child a crown to wear and a little goodie bag with playdough, a sticker, a small toy, (ring for girls, frog for boys). We do allow the birthday child to bring a snack, cupcakes, cookies, etc for the class! I decorate their desk with birthday banner and give them a birthday napkin for lunch!

  6. I do celebrate birthdays. :) I give the kids a crown and birthday crazy straw. I only serve food if the parent brings it in, otherwise we have no special treats. I've lucked out so far and have never had a class with allergies. :)


  7. I usually give the child a birthday pencil or some small prize! I only celebrate with food if the parent brings it in. Most parents do not bring anything though. Last year I think I only had 3 parents brought something.