#Vegasrocked ~ recap

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
So I'm still reeling from my amazing trip to Vegas for TPT's very first conference!  I truly believe that the most amazing part of TPT is :  RELATIONSHIPS
I met the most wonderful, authentic, funny, talented people ever.  I laughed, I cried.  I learned some great things and I will forever be thankful for what Paul Edelman has brought to all of us. 
I am linking up with my new friend Tamara on 5 things I learned in Vegas!

#1  Step out of your comfort zone!  I have always been extroverted and outgoing ready to meet anyone even strangers in an elevator.  However I will say that first night meet up was a bit overwhelming even for me.  But I tried my best to get to as many people I could to touch base, give a hug, encourage someone that has inspired me, etc.  I met a friend that I have been talking with/following since 2007 ~ that was amazing!
#2  I've always been a 'soaker' iner if that is even a word.  It's my new verb.  I realize big moments and take the time to first thank God the reason I'm even here and really try to take a mental picture/video of whatever that 'BIG' thing is....I knew this was 'BIG' ~ it was one of those moments to capture in my brain forever.  Don't let it go by too fast...stop and soak it all in.
#3  One of the presenters mentioned how important it is to post goals in your office/work space.  I have mental goals but I know how empowering it is to actually write them down and post them.  I kept that little gem and am going to start doing that.  #goforit  #nothingisimpossible  #lookatdeannajump
#4  My girl Kelley did a presentation on Data and that hit home for me.  I spent the morning looking over my data from April 1, 2012 and wow if you are a new seller and you can do that it will be a pick me up for sure.  Keep track of your growth when you are feeling down you can look back and be THANKFUL!  It is a huge motivator and very humbling.  #godisgood
#5   I met some really special people in Vegas and definitely felt connections with some more than others.  Meeting and hanging out with Tamara from Mrs. Russell's Room was amazing!  We laughed and talked about silly stuff but she also challenged me to do more in my store on my previews.  I felt inspired and encouraged...these are the kind of people you need to flock to ~ authentic but not afraid to tell you what you need to hear.  We all want to be better sellers but more importantly better people.  #begoodpeople
I'm adding a #6 here people:
Bring a Paul Edelman head with you to Vegas... LOL
 {just kidding}
If you were on the fence about coming this year...please come next year.  I want to meet all of you!!!  If you did go to Vegas link on up with my girl Tamara. 


  1. Great post! Vegas was so amazing! I am already thinking about next year. What a wonderful experience. You are so right about the RELATIONSHIPS! The TpT experience has made life so much sweeter. Hope to see you next year:)

    Amanda Bryant
    A Traveled Teacher

  2. Thank you for sharing your Vegas experience! I have been working on mine for a few days now! I can't seem to get my thoughts together! :) It was awesome meeting you!



  3. That sounds so amazing! Thanks for the tips. I will definitely be there next year… I'm really sad that I didn't go this year:(
    JD's Rockin Readers

    1. It will be great to meet you next year...you will love it. :o)

  4. So true about the relationships! I can't begin to tell you how much the relationships have not only been solidified last weekend, but also started! Everyone has been so welcoming and wonderful. I am thankful to have met you! :)

  5. Yes! You have to have a Paul-on-a-Stick! :) It was such a great time and I will cherish all the memories for a LONG time….and then we can make more in 2015!

  6. Such a great time!! I hope we can all get together again soon!!