SitSpots aren't just for rug replacements...

Saturday, September 27, 2014
Ahh ~ what a few weeks it has been in my household.  I have been so MIA and I apologize!  Things are looking up though and I'm ready to get back in the {blog} game!  I'm here to talk about SitSpots.  If you aren't familiar with them you have GOT TO check them out!  We had the pleasure of meeting Joyce at the TPT conference in Vegas and let me tell you she is one smart cookie!  As a former principal/educator she came up with a brilliant idea and teachers all over the world are benefitting from it.  If you aren't familiar with SitSpots they are pieces of Velcro type shapes that stick to most carpets that can be vacuumed over, written on, moved etc. I actually chose to use mine in a different way though.  I have a big black rug that I like and since I now teach third grade I don't feel it's quite as important to have that 'personal space' as it was for my firsties.  So here is what I'm up to and I have more ideas up my sleeve.
Many of you read about my Trash Can Spelling post  - if you haven't you can find it { here }.  Well Joyce sent me these adorable OWL SHAPED SitSpots so of course I had to use them.  I assigned points to the color owl for my game and viola!  Now I have a fun engaging activity/game that the kids love that is cute!  Who ever thought that would happen?!?  These are easily movable and can be used for so many things!  Small groups/Literature Circles to keep them in a certain spot, in place of a large rug/ small games/ intervention groups on rug, etc.  You can even write on them - use them for math groups, sight word practice and more!  I'm a huge fan and so thrilled that I'm able to use these - not just because they are practical and useful and fun but they are so CUTE too!
Those are bright, colorful owl shapes!  There are so many shapes and colors to choose from:  you can check out all the options

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