Freebie just in time for Halloween

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

So I know you all have seen it on Pinterest

...YES Halloween is on a Friday!!!!  Best news ever - well almost!  I just wanted to share a project I did in class today that my kids loved!  I have been making a life size one of these candy corn guys for years.  This is the first year I shrunk it down to make it kid sized - kinda like a bite sized candy bar I guess.  I turned it into a freebie for you all to enjoy!

and here is the one that has been on my door for years...

This little project would be perfect as a center rotation at a party on Friday. ( If you are allowed to have a party... we aren't so we made ours today. ) We have the 'party police' in our you too?  We are allowed 2 parties a year.  Man do you remember when we grew up.  I think we had popcorn parties alone like twice a month not even counting holiday ones.  Oh well ~  I think I turned out okay with all those parties...LOL!  You can grab the freebie {here}
Tell me : how many parties do you get a year?


  1. Thank you for the adorable freebie! Our school isn't big too big on parties, but it seems to come more from the teachers than administration. We have an extended school day (7:40-4:00) and we still never seem to fit everything in! I'm so, so thankful Halloween is on a Friday, too! Thanks again, Jen :)

  2. We call our Halloween party "fall celebration" although we all know we are celebrating Halloween... Lol! I am pinning your door, I love it...perfect for this time of year in 1st grade :) Happy Halloween!!