How to Use Dollar Tree Finds in your Classroom

Sunday, October 19, 2014

So I'm here to talk to you about the dollar tree and what GREAT treasures and finds are hidden there. 
 First of all:  It's sooo CHEAP!!!  That is a huge plus and benefit for teachers right?!?
Second:  Be open minded and go in there thinking and maybe even bring a notepad.  I have jotted ideas down and seen something to match that idea.  For instance I knew I was going to make a pack about main idea and I wrote down the word meatballs.  I knew right away when I found 'tongs' it would work for my meatball main idea center - see:

Third:  There are TONS of seasonal items there every month.  So be creative on how you can use these.  I saw ice cube trays and immediately thought of 'arrays' for multiplication.  So I added some witchy, pumpkin and skeleton erasers and I now have an array math center for about 5 dollars.
If you look closely at the grid item in the's a sink mat.  When I looked at it I immediately thought:  multiplication chart:

See how I might think's almost the same.  I purchased about 8 trays because as the trays are added the array changes if we are working on say 7's or 8's instead of 3's or 4's.  It gives you lots of options.
Here is a fun freebie to go along with the ice cube tray idea:

If you find a blow up reindeer write math equations on it...have a game of quiet ball where the kids toss it to each other and whatever their hand or thumb lands on they have to answer that many ideas all you have to do is be creative and ....SHOP!  Have fun and share some ideas you have used from the Dollar Tree.


  1. Love this! Whenever I go to The Dollar Tree I feel like I always see something I can use!! I just bought pumpkin trays that look like ten frames and I also like to find things that I can put in my prize box there. Thanks for sharing your ideas!!


    1. Thanks or stopping by Heather - yes the prize box too for sure!