It's that time again ~ Chalk Talk * Multiplication Fun *

Saturday, October 4, 2014
Hi friends,
  I'm beyond excited to share this tip with all of you.  I have had this little gem in my hands for decades and it's amazing.  My wonderful mom created this in the 80's and I'm just thrilled to let you in on this tip:
First you need to watch the video on it and then I will share some 'still shot's'.

So after watching this you can see that it's way more fun than flashcards and quite different.  My kids LINE up to work on these everyday and take turns as I have only made 12 and I have 24 students. 

Be sure when you are making these to leave space between each stick so the tape can go across and be flexible.

Head on over to the Primary Chalkboard and see what my friends have going on...


  1. This is amazing! The third grade teachers at my school will be drooling all over this!!! Maybe multiplication accordion? That's not very original though. Ha! You'll get some great name ideas hopefully! Thank you for sharing this gem!

  2. These are cool! They remind me of a Jacob's ladder, so I would call them a multiplication ladder.

  3. Super great idea! I would call them Foldable Fences for multiplication!

  4. What a fun tool Vicky! I have a few advanced 2nd graders that would love this!

  5. It's a multiplication fence!! My daughter is going to love it, she has ADHD and anything she can manipulate with her hands is WONDERFUL!! Thank you!

  6. Names:
    Picket Fence Multiplier
    Ladder to Success

  7. This is such a clever idea Vicky. I can see how this would make it so much easier for children to learn their times tables, especially the more visual learners. I like the name above; Multiplication Fence.
    Emma :)

  8. Great item! I like Katie's suggest of Ladder to Success. I was also thinking Caveman Calculator. It's like old technology - the brain.

  9. Multiplication stiX or just plain stiX :)