Do you use sign language in your classroom + a helpful website

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
I'm fairly certain after visiting friend's classrooms and my colleagues that some sort of sign language goes on in your room.  Even if it's a form of unwritten/unspoken gestures that you use to communicate with your students. Here are a couple I use every year: 

One year a few years back I had the sweetest girl that was hearing impaired.  I used this device to help her.

Communicating is so important in the classroom to help second language learners feel more help kids that have hearing issues or verbal issues of some kind and to be honest just for a teachers sanity sometimes as well.  Whether you have a second language learner, an emotionally disturbed child that has verbal issues or want to establish a well run classroom I'm sure you agree how important non verbal cues can be.  
If you are looking to reach a more diverse audience on your website for your classroom or your blog you need to check out:

They offer website translation so you can reach more of an audience or the parents in your classroom even on your own classroom website.  Swing by and check them out! 

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